Junior Original Concert

2016 National Junior Original Concert

About the Yamaha Junior Original Concert (JOC)

The JOC features students of the Yamaha Music Education System. This event gives these young musicians the opportunity to unlock their full musical potential by composing original pieces and performing them in front of enthusiastic audiences.

Every year in the United States, Yamaha presents one National JOC or multiple Regional JOCs — as well Class JOCs that take place in Yamaha classrooms around the country — providing every student an opportunity to participate in a live performance. In addition, students from the global Yamaha network of schools perform in Japan at the prestigious international JOC. These "Young Ambassadors of Music" enrich the lives of people throughout the world and bring people together in a positive, rewarding way that celebrates the common bonds among nations.

The JOC program has been an important part of the Yamaha Music Education System since 1972.



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