Downloading current MIE-2XG Software

If you are using MIE-2XG keyboards you may be using one of two different software versions. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE MIE-SONGBOOKS, use one of the files below to update your software.
MIE-2XG - Select your Operating System.
Download Windows Software Download MacOS Software
MIE 2 v3.05 40510 - Windows 98/Me/XP
(Updated 09-18-2006)
MIE 2 v3.05 60810 - Mac OSX 10.3x "Panther" release or greater
(Updated 09-18-2006)
If you are using the new MIE-SONGBOOKS, continue below for software update instructions.


If your Mac is connected to the Internet, launch MIE v.4 then click on HELP (upper right of menu bar) and highlight "Check for MIEv4 updates.

If your Mac is NOT connected to the internet, click here and download the latest update to MIE v.4

This download includes the latest software, MIDI Drivers, FAQs and Adobe Acrobat Reader Software. MIE 3.05W 40510 is the most current release of MIE for the MIE-2XG Keyboards using Windows OS. All Schools should update to this version . This download includes FAQ and midi interface software for Macintosh OSX. MIE v305M 60810 is the most current release of MIE for the MIE-2XG Keyboards using Macintosh OSX. All schools should update to this version.

This software requires OSX version 10.3.x (the "Panther" release) or greater
List of Fixes and Enhancements List of Fixes and Enhancements

If you have any question or suggestions, please contact MIE Technical Support at: 1-800-YCS-MIE1 (800-927-6431)

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