History of Updates - Mac OS

History of updates:

  1. MIE compatible with Tiger (10.4.x)
  2. Class Activity now posts and saves correctly
  3. MIE keyboard presets now sends the student timbre to the respective ASSIGN button(s)
  4. Cursor over links displays correctly
  5. Quiz phrase entry questions with more than 5 pitches now work correctly
  6. Startup Preset works correctly if keyboard speaker lock is used
  7. The remote control panic command now works correctly
  8. Quizzes with a "C" in the answer are now correctly graded regardless of the octave used on the keyboard
  9. Diagnostics work more efficiently
  10. Improvements in quizzes involving "note any octave" questions
  11. Importing of classes now works more efficiently
  12. MusicToolbar now has CD Eject button
  13. Metronome now plays from lessonbook view
  14. Info concerning MIDIIN and MIDIOUT are now displayed in the Utilities section
  15. CD playing improved
  16. This version will now read class files from the Windows release of MIE
  17. All student info is time-stamped (NEW)
  18. Original songs saving and loading implemented (NEW)
  19. Display of Prelude/Module number in statusbar
  20. Diagnostics (receive test) improved to run faster
  21. Original Songs can be saved from any keyboard
  22. Fix for correct display of speaker icon
  23. Module 1 displays correctly in statusbar
  24. Fix for 30th student notes editor
  25. Fix for quizzes with phrase entry
  26. Saving of an original song with a duplicate name now works correctly

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