History of Updates - Windows

History of updates:

  1. Audio CD - [Windows XP] Switching CDs while running MIE will work as expected. NOTE: be sure to turn off "AutoPlay" [Start Menu - select "My Computer" - right-click on the CD Drive and select "Properties" - Click the "AutoPlay" tab, then select "Music CD" from the dropdown menu. Select "Take No Action" and then click OK]
  2. GRADE BOOK: When classes are saved, all notes are "single spaced" (makes for smaller text files for all of your classes)
  3. QUIZ: "Note any octave questions" now work properly.
  4. NotePad: The class notes will now handle files twice as long as prior versions.
  5. KEYBOARD CONTROLS: selecting a voice in the edit preset dialog will no longer send the timbre change to the teacher keyboard.
  6. QUIZ: Playing quiz music examples will now correctly toggle the play/stop buttons in the music toolbar.
  7. GRADE BOOK: When you post student attendance, it is now time stamped (in addition to the date)
  8. DIAGNOSTICS: the Receive Test now displays the text "Receive Test ON" in the status bar.
  9. MIE now supports a maximum of 19 student keyboards: NOTE: quizzes and note monitor still will only deal with the first 15 student keyboards.
  10. MODULES: This software includes 10 "preludes" which are intended as introductory activities for the curriculum. Preludes appear at the beginning of the module listing.
  11. MODULES: The bulleted activities are now displayed in yellow for easier reading.
  12. QUIZ: Whenever you select a quiz, the student keyboards are placed into "quiz mode" which includes:
  13. Front panels are locked
  14. Speakers are turned OFF
  15. SONGS: many corrections made in curriculum and supplemental songs.
  16. CD: final track of audio cd now correctly plays
  17. DIAGNOSTICS: clicking 'reset' also will send the Startup Preset (A1)
  18. REMOTE CONTROL: The tempo controls on via remote control have been adjusted to be more efficient regardless of the song selected.
  19. REMOTE CONTROL: When playing a curriculum or supplemental song, pressing the "play" button will toggle between full accompaniment and melody only. NOTE: this only works when the song is playing AND will also work from the Music ToolBar…
  20. ORIGINAL SONGS: Converting a song to a midi file (.sng to .mid) now saves in the selected location (NOTE: the default is still the "mydata/mid" folder)
  21. ORIGINAL SONGS: In the save song screen, there is a "voice select" button that will send a voice to the "Assign" button on the teacher keyboard. Use this to record a melody with a hidden voice.
  22. MODULES: Various typos and corrections in the upper modules have been made including quizzes.
  23. TOOL BAR: The volume control for CD audio now adjusts the system's mixer and should function properly on all computers.
  24. LESSON BOOK: If a selected module has module notes that you have entered, the "Notes" Context Button will automatically highlight.
  25. Status Bar: When you select a supplemental song, its correct number appears in the status bar area.
  26. TYPING KEYBOARD: The right side (the detail area) of MIE views supports PgUp, PgDn, and Home buttons.
  27. Song Orchestrator lets you select different drum kits.
  28. KEYBOARD PRESETS: If you have a voice selected as part of the preset, and keyboard percussion ON, when the percussion is turned off, the voice that should be heard will be the one(s) in the preset.
  29. MIE-2XG Keyboards: Whenever a voice is sent to the student keyboards (either through the Song Orchestrator or through the keyboard presets), the voice will also be sent to the voice "Assign" button.
  30. QUIZ: The ENTER LEDs on the student keyboards function as follows:
  31. Absent / unassigned keyboards - NO LED activity
  32. Present / Tardy keyboards - If single answer OFF, LED will blink when response made
  33. Present / Tardy keyboards - If single answer ON, LED will go out IF response = correct or incorrect
  34. NOTE: Invalid responses will always have the LED "reset"
  35. QUIZ: when you click on a question number and the quiz dialog pops up, you'll see in the bottom right hand corner a button called "Volume". Clicking it slides out a side panel with the 4 volume sliders. Click the same button (it will now be called "Hide") to slide the volume panel back in. This allows you to have all of your controls accessible at once.
  36. QUIZ: the quiz view as a song orchestrator context button which mimics the "volume" control just discussed.
  37. QUIZ: when you end a quiz, the "say score" dialog now has three new buttons: Display %, Display Score, Clear Display. Clicking these buttons will use the student keyboards LED (left and right) to show the students their percent, score (number correct) and clear the display. NOTE: when you close this dialog, the LED will automatically be turned off in case you forget!
  38. QUIZ: the following quizzes and/or quiz midi files have been corrected: Quiz 12, Quiz 19, Quiz 20, Quiz 21, Quiz 24.
  39. GRADE BOOK: When you export a class report, class notes are automatically the first entry in the resulting file.
  40. GRADE BOOK: Student names are now listed in alphabetical order (last name, first name) for the Export Student Reports and Transfer Students lists.

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