Financing Ideas and Options

Ultimately the purchase of Music In Education is completed by a purchase order from a school or district. Exactly where those monies come from is, however, perhaps the largest obstacle that teachers and administrators face. Some schools/districts are lucky enough to have suitable funds available. Others must rely on other sources to satisfy the purchase of MIE.

Below are several successful suggestions that should be investigated for MIE funding. Click on each to go to more detailed information.

Grants – Recent educational initiatives (or even mandates) have given considerable funds for technology grants. These are often more available than grant funding for music programs. Click here to see lists of some possible grants, a document about the ‘How To’ of MIE grants and a sample (successful) grant application.

Textbook Adoption Funds – Click for some creative uses for textbook money.

Fund Raising – Most schools do some sort of fund raising activity. In addition, Yamaha offers two unique fund raisers anyone can use!

Music Advocacy – click here to view advocacy materials to show to school boards and administrators.

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