Research Abstract

Luzio Abstract

Luzio, Carole J., M.M., Department of Music, Wright State University, 1999 Reading and Mathematics Achievement Using a Keyboard-based Music Program versus a Traditional Textbook-based Music Program.

This study examined the possible transfer of knowledge gained through two different music curricula to achievement in reading and mathematics. The population for the study consisted of fifth grade students (N=239) from two schools with similar overall academic curriculum and demographic profiles. One used a traditional textbook-based music curriculum and the other a keyboard-based music program (Music In Education by Yamaha). Scores were collected from fifth grade students on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills for total reading and total mathematics scores and compared those scores with individual scores on the same tests from the second grade. The results of the study indicate a significant increase in both reading (p=.05) and mathematics (p=.004) scores for the students using the keyboard-based music system over the traditional textbook-based program. For the students using the keyboard-based program, reading improved by a mean of 11.5% whereas the students using the traditional textbook-based program mean improvement was 5.97%. A mathematics mean improvement of 10.87% was shown for the keyboard-based program as compared to 3.54% for the textbook-based program.

The conclusion is that music study with the keyboard-based program may be linked to higher test scores in reading and mathematics.

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