How to upgrade your existing MIE-1 System

Updating Your Existing MIE-1 System

Converting from an older HyperCard-based Macintosh MIE system to the newer PC/Windows or Mac USB-based system involves both changes in hardware as well as software. The following is a list of new hardware required (and included) with the PC/Windows or Mac Conversion:

RMB-06 – Remote receiver and MIDI interface
MINI 6 - cable
MIE-1SOFTWARE - Software & Instructions

Computer Requirements for the new MIE software:

Windows Systems
Pentium II 300 Processor (or equivalent/better)
Windows XP
24-bit color
CD ROM Drive
100MB Free Hard Drive Space
Working USB Port *

* Occasionally a BIOS update is required for a USB port to function properly. Always be sure you're using the latest BIOS version.

Mac Systems
G3/G4 Processor
System 10.4 or newer
100MB Free Hard Drive Space
Working USB Port

The cost of the Mac to PC/Windows Conversion is $1,100.00 and includes all of the mentioned above. Software for the MIE-CONVERSION is available FREE at the MIE Software Download site. Shipping/handling is $22.95

Click here to go to the Order Page for the MIE-CONVERSION06

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