How to upgrade your existing MIE-2 System

Updating Your Existing MIE-2 System

The new MIE-3 system features not only a number of upgraded components but also a totally restructured curriculum. The older MIXER RF has been combined with the older USB MIDI interface within the RMB-06 (Remote MIDI Box) along with a new Remote-06. A new CABLEPACK features bundled audio and MIDI cables that are color-coded to simplify installation. The new music rack (KYBD RACK3) on the MIE-3 keyboards is deeper to accommodate the new MIE-SONGBOOK that replaces and updates MIE single-sheet songs.

Upgrading the MIE-2 system can, therefore, take several paths:

Upgrading to the RMB-06 and Remote-06 $800.00

Upgrading to the new color-coded cabling system MIE-CABLEPACK3 $299.00

Upgrading to the new MIE Curriculum - this upgrade entails much more than a simple software update. The new curriculum has countless new song modifications and will NOT work with older song materials. In addition, the new MIE-SONGBOOKS are heavier and require the new MIE-RACK3. The new MIE software is also MAC ONLY and is not available for PC.

20 - MIE-SONGBOOKS @ $25.00ea $500.00
16 - KYBD RACK3 @ $18.00ea $288.00
1 - MIE-TRG (Teacher Resource Guide) $254.00
1 - MIE-OHB3 (binder of overheads, charts & worksheets) $244.00
1 - DVD software install DVD of the MIE v.4 software $50.00
Parts total
  When purchased as a package (MIE-CURRUPGRADE) $850.00

NOTE: ALL of these materials are necessary to upgrade to the new curriculum.

NOTE ALSO: Although you may choose to, it is NOT necessary to upgrade the older MIXER RF/REMOTE RF nor the older MIE cables to operate the new software.


THE MIE-3 System operates ONLY on a Mac computer. You can purchase an iMac computer through Yamaha or supply your own. Computer requirements are listed below:
  • G3, G4, G5 or Intel Duo processor
  • OS X System 10.4 (Tiger) or newer
  • DVD drive
  • Available USB port
  • 256MB RAM
1 - Apple iMac Intel Core 2 Duo w/17” screen $1,159.00

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