Replacement Parts

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Part Number Description Price
Current MIE-3 Systems
KYBD DIV3 Keyboard Plastic Divider-MIE-3 $10
KYBD RACK3 Keyboard Plastic Music Rack-MIE-3 $18
MIE-UPLUS1 MIE-3XG School keyboard, with PA KYBD and (2) MIE-HP $1161
MIE-3XG MIE-3XG School keyboard $1097
MIE-CABLEPACK3 universal cable pack for MIE systems featuring color-coded bundles that simplify installation $386
MIE-HP headphone $30
MIE-MOCK3 mounted "mock" keyboard for MIE-3XG $99
MIE-OHB3 Binder of overheads, charts & worksheets $244
PA150 power adapter for MIE-1,MIE-2 & MIE-3 keyboards $33
MIE-SONGBOOK Spiral-bound book of MIE Songs $25
MIE-TRG Teacher Resource Guide for MIE-3 systems $254
RMB-06 Remote/MIDI Box $1,281
MA876LL/A iMac 20-inch 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (Part Number: MA876LL/A) (No AppleCare) $1,159
Staff Development
MIE-training MIE Teacher Training - includes travel, lodging & training $1,800
MIE-hotel prv Extra charge for private room at Teacher Training hotel $200
MIE-CABINET Cabinet for storing 16 MIE keyboards, cables and power supplies $2,195
MIE-TABLE Folding table for MIE-2 or MIE-3 keyboards (NOTE: $200 shipping charge) $1,278
MIE-TABLECOVERFULL Securable bag for MIE-TABLE please call for quote
MIE-TABLECOVERSET Non-securable set of 2 covers please call for quote
MIE-CABLEPACK4 8 cable bundles for use with MIE folding tables $150
AUDIO 12 12-foot audio cable $10
AUDIO 20 20-foot audio cable $14
AUDIO 6 6-foot audio cable $6
MIDI BL12 12-foot black MIDI cable $10
MIDI BL20 20-foot black MIDI cable $14
MIDI BL6 6-foot black MIDI cable $6
MIDI GR12 6-foot gray MIDI cable $10
MIDI GR20 12-foot gray MIDI cable $14
MIDI GR6 20-foot gray MIDI cable $6
MIE-CABLEPACK2 cable pack (individual cables) for MIE systems $120
MINI 6 MINI 6 1/8" to stereo audio cable, 6 ft. $6
TKYBD 6 1/4" to stereo audio cable, 6 ft $6
MONO 6 6 foot mono audio cable discontinued
SERIAL 6 6 foot Macintosh serial cable discontinued
KYBD DIV2 Keyboard Plastic Divider-MIE-2 $10
KYBD RACK2 Keyboard Plastic Music Rack-MIE-2 $18
MIE-Conversion06 Kit to make MIE-1 original system compatible w/USB $1,100
MIE-CurrUpgrade Kit to upgrade MIE-2 systems to new curriculum $850
MIE-MOCK1 mounted "mock" keyboard for MIE-1 $35
MIE-MOCK2 mounted "mock" keyboard for MIE-2XG $35
MIE-videotraining 8-tape VHS training series discontinued
Remote-06 Remote Control $200
MB-06 New MIDI Box for Remote 06 (NO Remote) $1,081
IR BOX infrared receiver box for MIE-MIXER discontinued
MIE-1 MIE-1 keyboard discontinued
MIE-2 MIE-2XG School keyboard discontinued
MIE-BINDERB1 replacement module binder #1 discontinued
MIE-BINDERB2 replacement module binder #2 discontinued
MIE-CURRICULUMB MIE Basic Curriculum (Modules 1-80, transparencies) discontinued
MIE-MIDI MERGE MIDI merge box discontinued
MIE-MIDIBOX serial MIDI interface for MIE-90 discontinued
MIE-MIXER mixer box with IR box and power adapter discontinued
MIE-MIXER RF mixer box with REMOTE RF discontinued
MIE-TEACHERGUIDE Teacher Institute Guide / Manual for MIE system discontinued
PAMIXER IR power adapter for MIE-MIXER (IR mixer) discontinued
REMOTE RF radio frequency remote control for MIE-MIXER RF discontinued

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