Yamaha Flagship A-S3000 Amp and CD-S3000 CD Player; Ultimate Hi-Fi Meets the Digital Age at CEDIA Expo 2013

9/26/2013 [Audio & Visual]

Yamaha Flagship A-S3000 Amp and CD-S3000 CD Player; Ultimate Hi-Fi Meets the Digital Age at CEDIA Expo 2013

A-S3000 Amplifier and CD-S3000 CD Player

DENVER, Colo.,September 26, 2013 — Yamaha Corporation of America, AV Division, features its flagship A-S3000 integrated amplifier and CD-S3000 CD/SACD player at CEDIA Expo 2013 (booth #1131). These flagship Hi-Fi models are built with expert craftsmanship, rock solid construction and the best-sounding components to give audiophiles the fullest emotional connection to their music.

With a classic retro look and latest state-of-the-art features, these units embody the culmination of the company’s long history and obsession with high performance 2-channel natural sound reproduction.

Bringing its rich tradition in Hi-Fi to the digital age, Yamaha has integrated a built-in USB DAC into the CD-S3000, enabling the most discerning listeners to enjoy high-resolution digital files at peak audiophile standards.

The CD/SACD player features the exceptionally high performing 32-bit ESS Technology SABRE32 REFERENCE™ DAC that provides unprecedented dynamic and expressive sound from all disc-based media.

"As a company with a rich heritage in musical instruments, and music playback with two-channel audio, we know that these flagship components deliver on their impressive specs. We also know that this is just the beginning," said Bob Goedken, general manager, Yamaha Corporation of America, AV Division. "The A-S3000 and CD-S3000 are greater than the sum of their parts. They are designed-by-ear to create closer bonds between artists and listeners for truly elevated audio experiences."

The A-S3000 and CD-S3000 represent the ultimate expression of Yamaha’s craftsmanship, featuring anti-vibration and distortion eliminating measures, including a rigid streamlined construction with the shortest possible cabling routes.

The CD-S3000 player accomplishes superior vibration control and ultra-precise signal reading via an optimized high-precision rigid CD mechanism.

The A-S3000's floating and balanced design, with MOSFETs and a large toroidal transformer mounted within an independent three-dimensional inner frame, produce a warm tube-like sound.

The components' classic styling includes clean lines and rich black piano finish side panels. The A-S3000 integrated amp also features large eye-catching level meters.

To learn about the extraordinary A-S3000 integrated amplifier and CD-S3000 CD/SACD player, please visit http://4wrd.it/YAMAHA_3000_SERIES.

Pricing and Availability
The Yamaha A-S3000 and CD-S3000 are currently available exclusively at authorized Yamaha dealers for MSRP $7,999.95 and MSRP $6,999.95, respectively.

For more information, write Yamaha Corporation of America, AV Division, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90620; telephone (714) 522-9105.

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