Popular Yamaha Custom Z Sax Removes High F#, Custom EX Soprano Sax Adds High G

4/25/2008 [Brass/Woodwinds]

Upgrades Add More Resonance and Range; Provide Greater Options to Players of All Levels

BUENA PARK, Calif. — Yamaha Corporation of America, Band & Orchestral Division, is pleased to introduce the YAS-82ZWOF alto saxophone without the high F key and the new YSS-875EXHG soprano saxophone with the high G key. The Yamaha Custom Z and EX saxophone lines have enjoyed a long, successful history with players of all styles, the new models provide even more options for professional artists, high-end players and college students, as well as faculty and educators.

Yamaha YAS-875EX
Yamaha YAS-875EX
By removing the high F#, the new YAS-82ZWOF Custom Z alto saxophone will allow the instrument to have higher resonance and purity of sound. Multiple finishes are available including lacquered, unlacquered and silver or black lacquer.

"We have experienced a dramatic increase in sales of Yamaha saxophones in recent years," says Kurt Witt, Marketing Manager, Yamaha Wind Instruments. "The new 82Z alto without the high F# will add new levels of resonance and ease of play for the most discriminating of saxophonists, and underscores our commitment to continue to provide sax players with the most complete lineup and broadest range of choices."

Yamaha YSS-875EX
The new YSS-875EXHG soprano saxophone is the first Yamaha soprano sax with the high G key. Adding this popular option to the Yamaha Custom EX line, the high G allows for the added range necessary for today's modern compositions. With its outstanding quality and newly designed dual necks — one straight and one curved — the 875EXHG saxophone provides an open feel and more resonance. The saxophone is available with multiple finish options.

"We anticipate outstanding demand for the new Yamaha YSS-875EXHG saxophone," adds Witt. "For years, Yamaha artists and customers have asked for this option and the two new necks will provide players with more options for tonal warmth, which they're sure to enjoy."

For more information on the Yamaha YAS-82ZWOF Custom Z alto and YSS-875EXHG soprano saxophones, write Yamaha Corporation of America, Band & Orchestral Division, Wind Instruments, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622; telephone (714) 522-9011; e-mail infostation@yamaha.com; or visit www.yamaha.com/band.

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