SILENT Brass™ (SB3X/SB5X/SB7X) Receives Good Design Gold Award at Good Design Awards 2013

11/28/2013 [Brass/Woodwinds]

SILENT Brass™ (SB3X/SB5X/SB7X) Receives Good Design Gold Award at Good Design Awards 2013

Yamaha Corporation has been awarded this year's Good Design Special Award, the Good Design Gold Award, for the SILENT Brass™ (SB3X/SB5X/SB7X). In addition, including the Good Design Long Life Design Award won by SILENT Cello™ and the Gold Award mentioned above, seven awards were received in total at the Good Design Awards 2013.

Receiving the Awards


The Good Design Award (Host: Japan Institute of Design Promotion), established in 1957 as Japan's sole comprehensive design evaluation/recommendation movement, today has participants from many domestic and international companies and groups. In particular, the Good Design Gold Award is awarded to designs that have been judged to be “the most distinguished in the current year by the Good Design Award Judging Committee from a comprehensive perspective such as how they deal with social issues, what they suggest for the future and how high a degree of perfection they reach.” This year, out of 3,400 entries, 20 won the Good Design Gold Award, and Yamaha's SILENT Brass™ (SB3X/SB5X/SB7X) was honored as one of them.

Good Design Gold Award:

SILENT Brass™ SB7X used with a trumpet

Yamaha's SILENT Brass™ (SB3X/SB5X/ SB7X) is the silent mute system for brass instruments composed of Pickup Mute™ (muffler) and Personal Studio™ (power source and signal processing), enabling to play at any time and any place. Its high mute capabilities and realistic sound, unique shape focusing on several things such as finger movements when attaching and detaching, and concept of coexistence with the surroundings through “mute” were evaluated, contributing to it winning the award this time.

Furthermore, SILENT Cello™ was chosen for the Good Design Long Life Design Award, which commends “excellent designs that continue to be cherished and supported by users over many years from candidates recommended by the public,” and seven Yamaha designs were chosen in total at this year's Good Design Awards, earning high marks.

Good Design Long Life Award

  • Left: SILENT Cello™

Good Design Award

  • Top row left: DAW System Nuage;
  • Top row right: Digital Piano Clavinova CVP-609B;
  • Bottom row left: facility acoustic equipment for commercial spaces (MTX series, XMV series, VXS series and VXC series);
  • Bottom row center: WLX302's wireless LAN visualization tool;
  • Bottom row right: Digital Piano ARIUS YDP-S51

Yamaha's Design

In 1987, Yamaha used the 100th anniversary of its founding to enact the five design philosophies of “INTEGRITY,” “INNOVATIVE,” “AESTHETIC,” “UNOBTRUSIVE” and “SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.” The seven products all embody and substantiate these philosophies. The Yamaha Design Laboratory, which undertook the designs of these products, commemorated its 50th anniversary this year. At the Design Laboratory, in preparation for the next 50 years, implementing these philosophies will make superior “quality” designs a reality one by one and will further advance Yamaha's “originality.”

Reference Information: Related Overseas Good Design Award Exhibitions

Exhibitions related to the Good Design Awards had been held in Korea and Taiwan, and is also to be held in India. The Gold Award-winning SILENT Brass™ (SB3X/SB5X/SB7X) from Yamaha will also be exhibited. For more details, please refer to the Good Design Official Website.


  • Title: Good Design Exhibition in India for 2014
  • Period: February 6 - February 9, 2014
  • Venue: Ishanya Mall, Opp. Golf Course, off Airport Road, Pune 411 006
  • Host: India Design Council06

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