Ohio Resident Wins The "World of Yamaha"

5/23/2008 [Corporate]

Routine Snowmobile Maintenance Leads to $22,000 in Prizes

NORTH BALTIMORE, Ohio — Late last year, Erin Keegan was looking for parts for his 1979 Yamaha Snowmobile on Yamaha.com when he came across the entry form for the World of Yamaha Sweepstakes. "I thought there was no way I could win," he recalls, but figured he had nothing to lose. Weeks later, Keegan, a boiler operator at Bowling Green State University, was even more incredulous when he was notified that he had won. "I almost deleted the e-mail. I didn't believe it, it was such a huge contest."

''The World of Yamaha'' Winners
Erin and Amy Keegan with their daughters Laura (4) and Karalyn (2).
As the lucky grand prize winner, Keegan's prize package included a VX Deluxe WaveRunner, a YZF-R6 Supersport Motorcycle, a YHT-680 Home Theater in a Box, a CLP-265GP Clavinova Digital Piano, an autographed LLX6DN Dave Navarro Signature Acoustic-Electric Guitar and a BODiBEAT Fitness MP3 Player. The retail value of the package totals over $22,000.

Intended to express appreciation to its customers and promote its "One Yamaha" corporate philosophy, the "Win The World of Yamaha" Sweepstakes represented a joint effort of Yamaha Corporation of America, Yamaha Electronics Corporation and Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA.

Keegan and his family have been having a wonderful time putting the prizes to good use. The WaveRunner will come in handy for an upcoming family outing. "I was planning on renting a water craft for a family vacation in June. Now I don't have to!" The Home Theatre in a Box has been put through the paces playing, among other things, numerous Alvin and the Chipmunks selections for Keegan's young daughters. "It's a great system," he says.

Because there was no room for it in his home, the Clavinova CLP-265 GP digital piano presented the opportunity to perform a good deed. Keegan and his wife Amy donated the instrument to the local High School. "We wanted to be sure it would be used every day," explains Keegan. "We didn't have enough room for it and the school was in dire straits for a new piano, so it's nice to know that it's getting used."

''The World of Yamaha'' Winners
Keegan poses with the vintage Snowmobile that started it all.
The Dave Navarro Signature Guitar, on the other hand, is an instrument Keegan has long wanted to take up and he'll now capitalize on one of his unused employee benefits at Bowling Green State University — free music lessons. Regarding the Yamaha Motorcycle, Keegan, a veteran rider, says, "I was surprised at the comfort-level of the bike. The performance is awesome overall. It's a well-engineered bike."

Besides experiencing Yamaha's wide range of top-notch products first-hand, winning the sweepstakes brought about another realization: he now looks at the Yamaha logo in an entirely new way. "I never realized that they were actually three tuning forks. There are so many different lines of business. It's easy to forget that Yamaha does so many things."

Yamaha's presence in the United States comprises four major divisions: Yamaha Corporation of America (musical instruments and professional audio equipment), Yamaha Electronics Corporation (home audio and video products), Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. (large-scale professional audio equipment) and Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA (including boats, motorcycles, WaveRunners™, outboard motors and snowmobiles).

For more information, write Yamaha Corporation of America, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622, telephone (714) 522-9011, or email infostation@yamaha.com.

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