Three Yamaha Products Receive Red Dot Awards: Product Design 2014

3/26/2014 [Corporate]

Three Yamaha Products Receive
Red Dot Awards: Product Design 2014

Yamaha received this honor for its SILENT Brass™ muting system for brass instruments, Tyros5 Arranger Workstation and Relit LSX-700 Lighting and Audio System. This is the third major award won by SILENT Brass™, after the Good Design Gold Award and the iF Product Design Award.

Yamaha Corporation announces that its SILENT Brass muting system for brass instruments*1, Tyros5 Arranger Workstation and Relit LSX-700 Lighting and Audio System, have received Red Dot Awards: Product Design 2014 at the Red Dot Design Awards 2014, a prestigious German design award ceremony hosted at the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen.

The Red Dot Awards are one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, and comprise three categories: Product Design, Communication Design, and Design Concept. The Product Design category is open to excellent designs from around the world that have been released as products within the last two years, with products judged on such criteria as design innovation and functionality. A total of 4,815 products from 53 countries around the world were entered this year. These 3 wins bring Yamaha's total number of Red Dot Design Awards to 15 after receiving the honor for a total of 12 other designs since 1997. This is the third major award won by SILENT Brass, after the 2013 Good Design Gold Award and iF Product Design Award.

*1 The award-winning SILENT Brass models are the SB3X, SB5X, SB6X, and SB7X, which were released in various countries from last year.

While specific design features of the three award-winning products differ, they have four core aspects in common that are fundamental principles for all of Yamaha's designs: products that customers will use frequently for a long time, a gradual increase in value, a fundamentally simple design, and a balance between carefully selected materials and a beautiful finish.

Summary of Award-winning Products

1. SILENT Brass Muting System for Brass Instruments (SB3X, SB5X, SB6X, SB7X)

A muting system for brass instruments that comprises Pickup Mute™ (muffler) and Personal Studio™ (headphone amplifier). The system reduces the volume of instruments to that of a whisper so that the user can play at any time, in any place. In addition to its high muting capabilities, the system contains unique signal processing technology that provides an even more pleasing ambient sound. For Pickup Mute, superfluous shaping elements were stripped away to create a simple and functional design. In addition to its unique shape that makes it easy to attach and remove from instruments, it is also compact enough that the instrument can be placed in its case with Pickup Mute still attached*2.

*2 Not possible for some combinations of instruments and cases, such as for flugelhorns or detachable-type horns.

2. Relit LSX-700 Lighting and Audio System

In addition to an audio function that allows easy playback of music from Bluetooth® devices, such as smartphones and tablet devices, this lighting and audio system provides indirect lighting from the floor stand, making it a beautiful interior feature. By placing the sound source and light source in the same position, Relit's light appears to create a visual representation of the sound produced. The pleasing music and soft light emanating from the sophisticated body provide a whole new way to enjoy music.

3. Tyros5 Arranger Workstation

This is the latest model of Yamaha's Tyros Arranger Workstation, which has been sold in Europe and North America with excellent reviews since the release of the first version in 2002. This product is all you need for a variety of arrangement work, from live performances to music production. Its unbroken character line provides a greater sense of unity between the performer and the audience, and the left-to-right slant of the keyboard enables smooth operation during performances, allowing the performer to concentrate more so that they can give the best performance possible. It has an expressive silhouette with a shape that varies when viewed from different angles, giving it an impressive look no matter where it is placed in a live performance venue.

*SILENT, SILENT Brass, Pickup Mute, Personal Studio and Centralogic are registered trademarks of Yamaha Corporation.
*Product names and company names in the text of this document are the trade names and registered trademarks of Yamaha and other companies.

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