Yamaha Corporate Artist Relationships Influence Music Products Market

1/11/2008 [Corporate]

2007 Marks Stellar Year of High Profile Endorsements, Placements and Growth for YCAA, Inc.

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Talented musicians help bring musical products to life. That is why at Yamaha, the most important asset next to building world-renowned products is its artists. Yamaha Corporate Artist Affairs, Inc.(YCAA) works tirelessly to support the needs of Yamaha artists and advance the Yamaha brand name through numerous artist-related activities worldwide—including tour support, instrument loans, artist marketing, product placement, artist website development and artist-related publications — and the year 2007 has been no exception.

Elton John and Chris Gero
Elton John and Chris Gero
"Our roster of artists inspires many to be musicians, and strongly influences the buying habits of the musical products market," states Chris Gero, vice president of Yamaha Corporate Artist Affairs, Inc. "We're proud to not only support our esteemed artists, but also to expose Yamaha's century-old tradition of excellence to millions of musicians around the world."

YCAA acts as Yamaha's primary liaison with the global community of contemporary musical artists. An independent subsidiary of Yamaha as of April 2007, YCAA has the proud distinction of managing more than 2,000 artists — more than any other major music manufacturer — ranging from mega superstars to budding newcomers. Their endorsements resulted in more than 700 million audience impressions and product exposures for the Yamaha brand in the United States in 2006 through television alone.

2006 NAMM Concert
NAMM 2006 Concert
In 2007, YCAA signed endorsement deals with Tori Amos, Grandmaster Flash, A Fine Frenzy, Brandi Carlile, Dan Layus, Wynonna Judd, Chris Tomlin, Arcade Fire and Dr. John, just to name a few.

Beyond endorsements, YCAA also provides all levels of product support and product placement for the entertainment industry. Not only is Yamaha the largest music manufacturer in the world, but the company also holds the honorable distinction of being the world's most recognized and viewed musical brand. Yamaha products are seen and heard every day on many of the most popular television shows, concerts, films and recordings.

"It's safe to say that where there is music being made, there is Yamaha, and if you see that revered Yamaha logo, YCAA made it happen," notes Gero.

Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys
Another important facet of product branding at Yamaha is showcasing the artists and the products they use through the most illustrative outlet: concerts. From small clinic tours to elaborate arena shows, YCAA is a full-service concert production team comprised of seasoned industry veterans. In fact, YCAA has developed and produced the largest artist concerts in Yamaha's 110-year history. Patti LaBelle, Earth, Wind & Fire, Richard Marx, Dr. John, Teddy Geiger, Dennis DeYoung, Kenny Loggins and Travis Tritt are just a few of the artists that graced Yamaha's stage in 2007.

Here are a few more examples of what YCAA has accomplished in 2007:

On Feb. 11 2007, at the Grammy Awards ceremony, YCAA provided an MPU1 upright piano and CPX900 acoustic guitar for Justin Timberlake, an MPC7 Grand MIDIPiano for John Legend, a DGT7 for James Blunt and Lionel Richie and an MPC7 for the house band.

In March, 15 million households tuned in to FOX's hit medical drama House, which showcased a DCF3S piano provided by YCAA.

Beginning in April, Yamaha artists and gear could be seen every weeknight on Last Call with Carson Daly. Yamaha artist and house band leader Joe Firstman plays a CLP175 Clavinova Digital Piano and Yamaha artist Tommy King plays a Motif ES8.

Josh Groban
Josh Groban and Chris Gero
On July 1, more than 140 different countries tuned in for A Concert for Diana, which showcased Elton John on his Yamaha Disklavier DCFIIIS piano during the opening set. Also in July, an estimated 2 billion people worldwide watched the Live Earth concerts, which included performances by Alicia Keys on an MPC7 and John Legend on a GT7, among other Yamaha artists.

Throughout the year, several Yamaha artists have been showing off their Yamaha gear to fans during their international tours. YCAA has provided tour support for Norah Jones (MPC6), Elton John (CFIIIS, DCFIIIS, MPCFIIIS), Avril Lavigne (Motif XS6, Motif XS7, Motif XS8), Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (two Motif XS8s), Fergie (three Motif XS7s), Stevie Wonder (Motif XS8 and MPC7), John Legend (Motif ES8 and MPC6), and many more.

YCAA has also provided gear to several upcoming films, including: Forgetting Sarah Marshall starring Kristen Bell and Jason Segel; Righteous Kill starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino; and He's Just Not That Into You starring Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Aniston.

Aside from managing www.yamahaartists.com, YCAA has also recently developed www.ycaa.com, where you'll find the latest artist news, photos from past events, endorsement information and more.

When YCAA became an independent subsidiary of Yamaha earlier this year, it enabled an even greater level of commitment to be provided to its contemporary musical artists throughout the United States and around the world.

"The strength of our artist roster elevates the status of the Yamaha brand," remarks Gero, "and through our strong artist relationships, we're poised to grow and expand even more."

For more information on Yamaha artists, visit www.yamahaartists.com.

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