Yamaha Debuts Three Outstanding New Trombones

3/27/2009 [Corporate]

Instruments Offer Players More Flexibility and Balance; Developed with Top Trombone Artists

YSL-882O Trombone
YSL-882OR Xeno Orchestral Tenor Trombone
BUENA PARK, Calif.—Yamaha Corporation of America, Band & Orchestral division, introduces three new trombones: the YSL-882OR, the YSL-872 and the YSL-891Z.

Developed with Larry Zalkind of The Utah Symphony, the YSL-882OR is the Xeno Orchestral Tenor Trombone in the key of Bb. It features a new, balanced response rotor and a reverse tuning slide that allows the instrument to be open and free blowing.

"The evenness and response of the YSL-882OR is outstanding," says Kurt Witt, marketing manager, Yamaha Wind Instruments. "The consistency of timbre and intonation can be felt throughout the entire range of the instrument."

An expansion of the successful and popular Yamaha alto trombones, the YSL-872 is a custom-made instrument in the key of Eb. It features a lightweight Nickel-Silver slide, which provides smooth slide motion. Half and whole step trill rotor slide options provide more flexibility with varying repertoire.

Jazz and studio musicians get a new voice with the debut of the YSL-891Z, which was designed with famed trombonists Andy Martin and Wycliffe Gordon. Featuring a clear resonant tone and excellent intonation characteristics, the interchangeable leadpipes of the YSL-891Z give players the flexibility to cover a wide range of styles and tonal colors.

"The YSL-891Z is truly a new voice for jazz and commercial trombonists," says Jonathan Goldman, product marketing specialist, Yamaha Wind Instruments. "The most cutting lead lines and the subtlety of a delicate ballad are handled with equally impressive ease."

For more information on the new Yamaha trombones, write Yamaha Corporation of America, Band & Orchestral Division, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622; telephone (714) 522-9011; e-mail infostation@yamaha.com; or visit www.yamaha.com/band.

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