YMH Digital Music Publishing Launches Online Book Viewer for Digital Lesson Books

4/2/2010 [Corporate]

Product of Joint Venture that Includes Yamaha, Hal Leonard Corporation and The Music Sales Group

NEW YORK CITY—YMH Digital Music Publishing, a joint venture including Yamaha, the world's largest musical instrument manufacturer, Music Sales Ltd. and Hal Leonard, the world's two largest printed music publishers, has developed a new online book viewer designed specifically for digital lesson books. This innovative new online book viewer, developed with technology from VCAB Ltd to use the latest technology in music tuition, presents online users with the chance to access music tutorial content with ease. New features include:

  • Interactive zoom
  • Life-like page turning effects, and
  • Integrated multimedia content, such as audio and video.
The new viewer offers all the functionality of a regular e-reader without additional hardware. Users require only a computer and a standard web-browser to access material online.

YMH Launches Digital Music Publisher
Screenshot of the online book viewer showing audio and video panels.

"This represents a leap forward in music tuition," said Shinichi Takenaga, President of Yamaha Music Interactive, Inc, "This project brings the best in music instructional content online and makes it quick, easy and convenient for our customers to immediately begin learning how to play their instruments.'

Currently available online book material covers piano instruction for all ages and abilities over a broad range of genres and styles, and includes well known bestsellers such as Absolute Beginners Piano and Hal Leonard Adult Piano Method.

There are currently 100 piano and keyboard digital lessons books available from YamahaMusicSoft.com (www.yamahamusicsoft.com/digitalbooks) with new titles being added on a regular basis.

To learn more, please contact Yamaha Music Interactive, Inc. 689 5th Ave., 11th Floor, New York City, 10022, (212)223-6260 or visit www.yamahamusicsoft.com

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