A Snare Drum for All Seasons: A Premier Birch and Vintage Vibe Among New Yamaha Releases

9/19/2008 [Drums]

New Series and Unique Material Mark New Snare Drums

BUENA PARK, Calif. — Yamaha Drums will introduce 10 new snare drums that offer a wealth of sounds to complement almost any playing style. The new drums include Yamaha's all-Birch snare in the Stage Custom line, a new Musashi snare and a new Vintage snare. Two new series, the Loud and the Sensitive, make it easier to select a snare based on its application and the sound that a drummer seeks.

Oak Black Sparkle Sunburst Loud Series Snare
Oak Black Sparkle Sunburst Loud Series Snare
Yamaha's new warm and punchy Stage Custom Birch Snare Drums, made from six-ply, 100 percent Birch, mark the first time Yamaha has offered an all-Birch snare drum at an entry-level price. Configurations include 14" x 5.5" (BSD-0655), 12" x 5" (BSD-1250) and 10" x 5" (BSD-1050). The two smallest sizes come with a tom mount for easy addition to any drum kit.

"These new snare drums are a great complement to the new Stage Custom Birch and the popular Tour Custom series drums," said Jim Haler, product manager, Yamaha Drums, Pro Audio & Combo Division. "Percussionists will like them, too, since they're not only great snare drums, but when you drop off the snares, they work well as wooden timbales."

The timeless sound of Vintage drums are popular for recording but can be hard to find. Meeting this need, Yamaha will unveil its new VSD-1460 Vintage Series Snare Drum. The drum, consisting of a 14" x 6" four-ply maple shell with six-ply maple reinforcement-rings, includes 60-degree bearing edges, a 2.7 mm snare bed and eight-lug design for more shell vibration and a woody tone. Most snare drums of this type are available from small boutique companies, but Yamaha's introduction will make the VSD-1460 more widely affordable and available.

"Arguably, nothing identifies a drummer's 'signature sound' like his or her snare drum," said David Jewell, marketing manager, Yamaha Drums, Pro Audio & Combo Division. "It can be overwhelming to decide which snare drum to use and when we decided to revamp our snare drum lineup, we began with a particular sound in mind for each series. For the Vintage drum, we set out to recreate the sound of highly sought-after vintage drums."

Yamaha's Musashi snares are among the most versatile in the industry and now the new NSD-1047M Musashi Snare Drum adds a 10" version to the line. The NSD-1047M, which measures 10" x 4 ¾", is perfect as an auxiliary snare drum for an acoustic drum set or a percussion rig. The drum's 100 percent Oak shell, unique to Yamaha, produces a full tone that also projects through amplified instruments. Its Musashi black finish looks great with any color kit and the tom mount makes it easy to add as a second snare. Yamaha's current Musashi Snare Drum Line includes 13" and 12" diameter drums.

"Our Musashi snare drums have been top sellers for us since we first introduced the line," said Jewell. "They're popular not just with consumers, but also with many drummers on our artist roster. The new 10" version completes the line and gives drummers another voice to create their music."

Maple Amber Sunburst Sensitive Series Snare
Maple Amber Sunburst Sensitive Series Snare Drum
For drummers who require a snare with loud volume that can cut through a wall of guitar and bass amps without sacrificing tone and musicality, Yamaha has also developed the new L Series Snare Drums — the L stands for Loud. Two models, the NSD-1455 (14" x 5.5") and the NSD-1470 (14" x 7"). Both drums consist of eight-ply Oak shells, 45-degree bearing edges, nine air vents, a 2.7mm snare bed and 10 lugs (staggered on the NSD-1455, but not on the NSD-1470).

Oak shells are unique to Yamaha. The air vents allow for air to escape but to still retain great snare response; the snare beds keep the snares from choking at extreme volume.

"The L Series snare drums were designed with the rock and metal drummer in mind," said Haler. "Though loud enough to be heard above the other instruments, they have a musical quality to them that will appeal to other drummers, too. The black nickel hardware and the offset lugs on the 5.5" and 7" drum also make them visually appealing."

For drummers attuned to a more sensitive approach, Yamaha's new S Series Snare Drums (Sensitive) features a line of seven-ply Maple drums with specially-designed top and bottom bearing edges and snare beds that work together to give the drums exceptional sensitivity at all dynamic levels. The series features the MSD-1465 (14" x 6.5") the MSD-1455 (14" x 5.5") and the MSD-1365 (13" x 6.5") with 60-degree bearing edges on the top, 45-degree bearing edges on the bottom and a 2.7mm snare bed.

"The S Series drums are extremely articulate and will respond to every nuance of a drummer's touch," said Haler. "They will be popular with jazz drummers and session players for in-studio use. School bands and orchestras will also appreciate the drums' qualities."

For more information, write Yamaha Corporation of America, Pro Audio & Combo Division, Drum Products, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622; telephone (714) 522-9011; e-mail infostation@yamaha.com; or visit www.yamahadrums.com.

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