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11/21/2007 [Drums]

Milwaukee's John "JR" Rickinger wins new cymbal set.

John "JR" Rickinger (who shares his nickname with Yamaha Drum Artist John "JR" Robinson, had never won anything until he entered Yamaha's online drum hardware giveway. The prize package, consisting of an FP-9315 foot pedal, an HS-840 hi-hat stand, an SS-840 snare stand, two CS-845 cymbal stands and a drum mat, arrived a day before his birthday. Rickinger sings and plays drums in the band Room to Move and fostered a love for music in his two children. "A year ago I bought my first Yamaha cymbal stand and loved it," he said. "Now, I have a whole new set. How great is that? Thanks, Yamaha, from a family that loves percussion and music."

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