Sully Erna of Godsmack Helps Launch Rock Tour Drum Set at NAMM

1/22/2010 [Drums]

Chart-Topping Band Leader Expresses His Loyalty to Yamaha

ANAHEIM, Calif.—With the help of Sully Erna from Godsmack, Yamaha Drums introduced the new Rock Tour drum set at the NAMM musical industry trade show. With its edgy look and aggressive sound, the new lineup offers affordable, high-quality drums with pro features.

The nine-ply Rock Tour kits look as good as they sound, and come in two distinctive finishes: Matte Silver hardware on Matte Metallic and Chrome hardware on Textured Ash.

The kits are designed to be microphone friendly, making it easier for drummers to get a good sound in the studio or on stage. Although they have a musical tone, they can still take the kind of punishment that hard rock drummers dish out.

Sully Erna
Photo Credit: Valerie Nerres

Erna, who started his career as a drummer but now fronts Godsmack, exuded personality and charm as he cracked jokes and pounded out a rollicking solo. Erna spoke about his appreciation of Yamaha kits and mentioned the time that he told current Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin that he had to play Yamaha or else he couldn't join the band. Three of Yamaha's Rock Tour Rebels, Jeff Byrd, Chris Dalley and Ryan Peel, also appeared to introduce the kits. As part of the roll-out for the Rock Tour kits, Yamaha has given sets to several promising young drummers who are actively performing. In turn, they will regularly post videos and other online communications regarding their use and impressions of the kit.

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