Yamaha Partners With Pioneering Audio Companies Sonic Reality and Ocean Way for DTX Electronic Drums Promotion

8/28/2009 [Drums]

Alliance Brings New Drum Kit Downloads and Grooves to the DTXPERIENCE

BUENA PARK, Calif.—Yamaha has partnered with two of the top names in audio, Sonic Reality, a leading sound development company that "Samples Everything," and Ocean Way Recording, one of the world's top recording studios, to bring incredible new drum kit sounds to the DTXTREME III line of Yamaha electronic drums. The sounds will be available for download and purchase on Keyfax New Media's www.dtxperience.com website.

Ocean Way Drums by Sonic Reality is considered to be one of the top drum software plug-ins on the market, winning Keyboard magazine's coveted "Key Buy" award and Electronic Musician's "Editor's Choice" award for best sample-based plug-in of 2008. It was recorded and mixed by Grammy®-winning engineer/producers Allen Sides and Steven Miller in the legendary Studio B room, site of classic recordings by Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, along with popular contemporary artists Radiohead, Green Day, Kanye West, and Eric Clapton. The company sampled 19 drum kits in this incredible room with top of the line mics and audiophile recording equipment and the new Ocean Way Drums DL and Silver Editions offer some of the best quality bang for the buck in software drum plug-ins.

Offering considerable value, the new sounds for the DTX drum sets include the Ocean Way Drums DTXPANSION "Kit 10m," a free download. Top drum programmer David Polich created this Medium Dry to Ambient Mix collection specifically for Yamaha's DTX electronic drums. "I've enjoyed using my DTX as both an electronic drum kit and a midi controller for Sonic Reality plug-ins such as Ocean Way Drums and Infinite Player," said Dave Kerzner, CEO of Sonic Reality. "Though virtual instruments like Ocean Way Drums DL were designed to be played best from a quality electronic kit such the DTX, we thought it would also be great to offer top quality sounds in native DTX format so they can be loaded right into the kit's RAM."

Another free download available as part of the promotion is Sonic Reality's Drum Masters DTXPANSION Style Kits 5 Pack, which includes multi-sampled recordings of the following drum sets:

Blues Kit:

Vintage Gretsch drum kit recorded with snares in a medium sized room in a Nashville studio. Organic, crisp and full sound includes bonus extras like a Yamaha Sub Kick mixed in for extra depth to the bass drum and more. The collection is ideal for blues, rock, country and other styles.

Classic Rock Kit:

A DW Pacifica "Classic Rock" drum kit recorded with snares in a unique stone live room with a Yamaha Sub Kick mixed in for deeper bass in the kick drum. This kit has a unique edge to it with a higher pitched snare that cuts through the mix. Great for classic rock of the 1970's and 1980's.

British Kit:

General purpose vintage "British Rock" drum kit recorded in a Nashville studio in a medium sized live room. Raw-sounding kit blends retro and modern rock.

Motown Kit:

A Gretsch drum kit recorded in the same style as classic Soul and R&B records from the 1960's and 1970's. Recorded with snares in a medium sized room.

Yamaha Jazz Birch:

Yamaha Jazz Birch drum kit recorded in a Miami studio during Drum Masters sessions with John Blackwell (Prince, Justin Timberlake). It also features a Yamaha Sub Kick for getting deep bass tones ideal for hip hop, R&B and pop as well as an organic jazz sound.

The new Sonic Reality Drum Masters DTX Studio Kits 5-Pack ($79.99), available for purchase from www.downloadablesoundz.com and www.dtxperience.com, includes a number of unique-sounding, multi-sampled drum sets, including:

Bonzo Kit:

Vintage Ludwig kit in the style of legendary drummer John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. The same mic techniques and drum specs used by Bonzo help deliver an authentic classic rock tone.

PremTimbale Kit:

Premier drum kit in the style of legendary drummer Phil Collins, recorded in Pasadena, Calif. at Mower Studios with progressive rock drummer Nick D'Virgilio (Genesis, Tears for Fears) and tweaked by Ross Garfield, the Drum Doctor, for a vintage rock sound in the style of late 1970's Genesis.

Ring Kit:

Ludwig™ Oyster Pearl Downbeat kit in the style of Ringo Starr and The Beatles. Ideally suitable for getting a great multi-purpose retro 1960's British Rock sound, but also a good vintage drum kit for Jazz and other styles.

Gretsch Kit:

Gretsch kit in the style of legendary drummer Phil Collins recorded in Pasadena, Calif. at Mower Studios with progressive rock drummer Nick D'Virgilio. The sound of this kit replicates the style of early 1980's Phil Collins and Genesis.

JBSonor Kit:

Sonor drum kit recorded in Miami during the same Drum Masters sessions done with R&B/fusion/pop/hip hop drummer John Blackwell (Prince, Justin Timberlake). This kit was played with snares on and features a Yamaha Sub Kick for deep bass tones and extra Earthworks room mics mixed in for added depth. It is an inspiring modern kit that is diverse for use in many musical styles from Classic to Modern Rock.

Another promotion, called the Best of Both Worlds - Hardware and Software United, provides all DTX drum kit users with a special Download Card coupon to buy the Ocean Way Drums DL Edition plug-in or the Drum Masters/Infinite Player plug-in at a special discount from www.downloadablesoundz.com. A free trial version of both software plug-ins is available from the user area of www.sonicreality.com.

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