Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple Drum Set Wins Frankfurt Musikmesse International Press Award

5/9/2014 [Drums]

Absolute Hybrid Custom Maple Drum Kit

FRANKFURT – The Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple drum set received the Musikmesse International Press Award (MIPA) for best Acoustic Drums. For the last 15 years, more than 100 magazines from all over the world have participated in MIPA voting and selected the best musical instruments and audio equipment in 38 categories at the Musikmesse 2014 industry trade show.

Yamaha launched the Absolute Hybrid Maple set at the 2014 NAMM Show this past January to high acclaim from artists and dealers worldwide. The drum kit is manufactured at the Yamaha-owned and -operated factory in Xiaoshan, China, which also scored a big hit with the Live Custom acoustic drum set.

"From 1967, when Yamaha made kits at its head office in the Miyatake workshop in Hamamatsu, right up until today, the company’s drums continue to impress,” said Darren Power, marketing manager, Yamaha Music Europe. “In July, 2013, I predicted that Yamaha would raise the bar when it came to high-end acoustic drums. Well, it took less than a year to start collecting awards and this is a proud moment for Yamaha drum staff the world over."

Yamaha pioneered the construction of hybrid acoustic drum shells when it introduced its flagship PHX Series, designed and made in the Yamaha Drum Lab workshop in Japan. As the name implies, the Absolute Hybrid Maple drum set combines a core ply of harder Wenge wood with outer plies of North American Maple. This unique configuration produces a drum with an unusually expressive tone and a wide dynamic range that faithfully reproduces every nuance of a player’s approach.

"For well over three years, our Japanese Yamaha drum designers and acoustic specialists have work tirelessly in the creation of the Absolute Hybrid," said Steven Fisher, marketing manager, Yamaha Drums. "And during that process, we've had extensive involvement with over 100 drummers in our world-class artist roster that has resulted in some of the best drums that Yamaha has ever produced."

Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple drum sets are shipping. For more information, visit http://4wrd.it/ABSOLUTEHYBRIDMAPLE.

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