Yamaha Unveils a Multi-Million Dollar Investment in High-End Drum Manufacturing

9/18/2013 [Drums]

Live Custom Series Kit
(Color: Emerald Shadow Sunburst)

BUENA PARK, Calif. — The first wave of high-end acoustic drum production at Yamaha’s new multi-million dollar, purpose-built facility in Xiaoshan, China, is now well under way. Beginning with the acclaimed Live Custom drum set, Yamaha’s new factory will roll out even higher-spec series in the very near future.

Since its entry into the market over 45 years ago, Yamaha’s impact on drum manufacturing has been immense. With a philosophy of quality, consistency and reliability, the company’s innovative approach to materials and design has revolutionized traditional drum manufacturing. As a result, Yamaha is now regarded by discerning drummers, sound engineers and record producers everywhere as one of the most respected drum companies in the world.

During this difficult economic period, when many other drum companies are looking to cut costs, Yamaha – the world’s largest and most resourceful musical instrument manufacturer – continues to invest and innovate. The company has spent decades developing state-of-the-art techniques such as Air Seal Shell technology, staggered diagonal seam shell construction, UV drying, lacquer finishing techniques, and hybrid shell construction. In doing so, Yamaha’s dedicated designers and engineers have taken countless steps forward and have helped shape the modern drum set as we know it today.

"Sound is everything when it comes to creating fine musical instruments," said Dave Jewell, drum marketing manager, Yamaha Corporation of America. "Why do most of top drummers in the world play Yamaha drums? Because when it comes to R&D and creating a great musical instrument, we give them the best sounding drums to express their musical voice."

Originally established in 1997, Xiaoshan Yamaha has been producing the company's marching drums and brass and woodwind instruments. The impressive, employee-friendly facility is located two hours outside of Shanghai and represents the culmination of Yamaha's experience and investment in high-end drum manufacturing. The bright and spacious workspace conforms to ISO9000 regulations and boasts one of the most advanced wastewater recycling systems in the world – with a recycle rate of over 90 percent.

Yamaha has already increased the quality and consistency of shell making by improving its high-pressure air bag for shell forming, taking Air Seal technology and construction consistency to a new level. In addition, Yamaha has been able to introduce impressive laser measurement technology and a more advanced procedure for UV drying, which will increase the durability and longevity of color finishes.

Xiaoshan Yamaha's first release is the widely acclaimed Live Custom drum set, launched to great fanfare and enjoying success in the marketplace. Future products will see even higher specifications that will be released at higher price points as the line-up expands.

Yamaha's drum lab in Japan continues to make the flagship PHX Series and, along with its in-house materials division, has been working closely with the staff at the new factory. Both facilities will develop side-by-side, ensuring that Yamaha remains a major force in the high-end drum business for years to come.

For more information, write Yamaha Corporation of America, Yamaha Drums, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90620-6600; telephone (714) 522-9011; or visit http://4wrd.it/yamahadrums.

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