Ten Facebook and Twitter Contestants Win New Yamaha THR Amp

9/18/2012 [Guitars & Basses]

THR10 winner Rick Wickland in California picks a Yamaha guitar at a park jam.

BUENA PARK, Calif. — Yamaha Corporation of America congratulates the winners of the award-winning THR amp. The thoroughly unique THR amplifiers represent a completely new category of never-before seen guitar amp. The first hi-fi stereo units to feature realistic guitar multi-effects and classic amp modeling, they also function as an exceptional guitar-recording interface. Though compact, they pack a lot of power when plugging in an electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass.

Most guitarists have a stage rig and a smaller practice amp, but the THR provides a third alternative – an attractive amp with a multitude of capabilities that fits on a coffee table or desk and provides great sound for the times when a guitarist isn't on stage. Fully portable, the battery powered THR amps feature Yamaha's exclusive Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) effects, including professional sounding reverb, and realistic tube-like amp response. It also includes an input for an mp3 player and a USB direct input.

The winners of Yamaha's social media contest include:


Keyon Rich, Georgia: "I love it; awesome unit. No flaws, sound is clear and amazing. Great job Yammy."

Rick Wickland, California: "It's very unique and the features are all easy to use. The modeling is great for my electric guitars. My acoustic sounds great in that mode and I can add a touch of chorus when desired."

William Benner, Arizona: "For a little amp it's very powerful and I love the sound – it's excellent."

John Gibson, West Virginia.

Ken Stern, New York: "It is a fantastic recording amp [for] hiss free, digitally perfect tracks. You can also record both wet and dry signals simultaneously so you can preserve the raw sound of your instrument as well as the effected, modeled amp sound; great for getting down or fine-tuning ideas…I was never a big fan of amp modeling but I have to say they really nailed it with this."


Vincent Di Giacinto, New Jersey: "The tones that come out of this amp are so sweet. Combined with the THR session app for iPhone I've been able to learn a whole bunch of solos that I couldn't quite break down before. All without waking up my baby."

Elizabeth Neale, Georgia: She sent it to her son in Wisconsin, who is a "fantastic guitar player. . . What a wonderful thing for a mom to do for her up and coming future rock star kid."

Sherry Livingston, Florida: The amp has inspired her and her husband to take up guitar.

Kevin Beebe, Illinois: "Wow, the sound of the big stage for me, without waking the wife!"

Christian Kovacs, New Jersey: "When I brought it over to my bassist's house to write, the first thing I told him was that ‘This little amp is scary, especially for its size.' It packs a lot of power and sounds great. I've been using the amp to record demo tracks and as a desktop amp, pretty much using all of its features."

For more information about the Yamaha THR visit www.usa.yamaha.com, write Yamaha Corporation of America, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622-6600; call (714) 522-9011; email infostation@yamaha.com; or visit http://4wrd.it/THRPAGE.

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