Yamaha Returns to Its Roots With the New GC Lineup of Nylon String Guitars

1/24/2013 [Guitars & Basses]

Renowned Models Revamped With An Eye Toward Quality and Value


ANAHEIM, Calif. — Yamaha Guitars got its start making handcrafted nylon string models in conjunction with some of the top builders in the world and with over 40 years of tradition and innovation, Yamaha became the top-selling classical guitar in the world. Once again, Yamaha has set its sights on excellence and the result of this dedication and determination culminates in the new GC Series of top-of-the-line classical guitars, which will be introduced at the 2013 NAMM Show.

Expanding to over 10 models, with an estimated retail price of around $700 up to $18,000, these redesigned Grand Concert guitars provide enhanced sound characteristics with a thinner soundboard, new bracing pattern and a thinner finish. The new lineup, which offers handcrafted quality at affordable prices, includes solid Spruce tops for a clear, rich tone and solid Cedar tops, for a darker, warmer sound.

"The new GC line embodies Yamaha's tradition of innovation, quality and handcrafted perfection in every aspect," said Dennis Webster, marketing manager, Yamaha Guitars. "From wood selection to build specifications, from start to finish, the new GC Series of classical guitars are our best yet."

For more information, visit Yamaha Corporation of America at the 2013 NAMM Show at the Marriott Hotel, Marquis Ballroom; write Yamaha Corporation of America, Yamaha Guitars, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622; telephone (714) 522-9011; e-mail infostation@yamaha.com; visit http://4wrd.it/YAMAHAGUITARS.

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