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MG24/14 FX (Church Production, Jan/Feb 2005)

The Yamaha MG24/14 FX offers a plethora of features in an affordable, attractive and durable package.

Yamaha Pro Audio Debuts First Entry into Portable PA Market

Yamaha Professional Audio answers the need for more professional features, increased coverage, clarity and performance with the STAGEPAS 300.

Yamaha Captures Two "Music & Sound" Awards

The Yamaha DGX505 and SPX2000 captured Best Keyboard/Sound Module and Best Rack Effect at the 19th annual Music & Sound Awards at Winter NAMM 2005.

Yamaha AW4416 Offers True "DIY" Freedom

Dead Air Radio proved that the average independent band doesn't have to spend a ton of money on gear or studio time by recording its self-written, self-produced debut EP from the comfort of home on a Yamaha AW4416 workstation.

2008 CD-ROM

Live Sound's product CD-ROM is more than a general catalog! It also contains owner's manuals and a US price sheet.

Sound Reinforcement Application Guide

This 30-page document focuses on various live sound applications and the equipment used in these systems.

Exploring Sound Reinforcement (DVD)

Everything you always wanted to know...

NAMM New Products

Yamaha debuts the MSR400 powered speaker, the MSR800W subwoofer, and the STAGEPAS 300 portable PA.

Mixes Go Digital on Jimmy Kimmel Show

Veteran engineer Bart Chiate handles multiple music mixes for Kimmel's seven-piece house band, plus any guest band performances. The main challenge is controlling the music from up to three performance areas – the theater lobby, the main stage thrust and an outdoor stage.

Digital Goes on Location

Mark Ulano's recording environment isn't a studio – it's a motion picture set, where he records dialogue for films like Kill Bill, Titanic, Austin Powers and Jackie Brown. His preferred field tool is the Yamaha 01V96.

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