Sound Collaboration: Yamaha Club V Loudspeaker Series and Eminence Speakers

2/15/2008 [Live Sound]

World's Largest Manufacturer of Musical Instruments Celebrates Fruitful Relationship with the Biggest Speaker Company in the United States

BUENA PARK, Calif. — Yamaha Corporation of America recently received a citation from Eminence Speaker company heralding the two firms'longstanding relationship. Eminence inducted Yamaha into its Million Dollar Club, which celebrates its most loyal customers, but the relationship between the two firms goes well beyond that of buyer and seller: sound engineers from Yamaha collaborated with their counterparts at Eminence to design both the low and high-frequency drivers used in Yamaha's top-of-the-line Club V Speaker series.

Eminence Speakers / Yamaha Partnership
At the Winter NAMM 2008 trade show, Rob Gault (center), president, Eminence Speaker LLC, bestows Yamaha with a plaque, accepted by John Schauer (left), product manager, Yamaha's Live Sound division, and Wayne Hrabak (right), marketing manager, Yamaha's Live Sound division.
"Yamaha and Eminence are leaders in their fields and when two innovators team up, consumers benefit because we offer quality and value that others simply cannot," said Rob Gault, President, Eminence Speaker LLC. "This is a win-win-win relationship for us, for Yamaha and for our customers."

Last year, Yamaha Corporation of America produced a DVD entitled "The Inside Story: Yamaha Club Series Loudspeakers," which highlights the degree of care, quality and handcrafting that enhance the quality of Club series loudspeakers and also serves as a plain-language primer to the intricacies of speaker design and the physics of sound reproduction.

The DVD features Yamaha technicians and engineers at work, along with footage of workers and heavy machinery manufacturing both low and high frequency drivers at the Eminence Speaker company in Eminence, Ky. The video also details features like aluminum baskets and curvilinear cones in low frequency drivers and illustrates the engineering behind the custom-designed phase plug and pure titanium diaphragms used in the high frequency driver.

DVD featuring Yamaha Club Series Loudspeaker
The Yamaha-produced DVD, "The Inside Story: Yamaha Club Series Loudspeakers," features footage of workers and heavy machinery manufacturing low and high frequency drivers at the Eminence Speaker company.
"The attention to detail in assembly is remarkable; it's amazing how much hand-work is done on these components," said John Schauer, product manager, Live Sound department, Yamaha Corporation of America. "A major reason that the Club V Speaker line sounds so good is that we have Eminence drivers inside and because they consistently provide such high quality, we buy more and more every year."

A free copy of the video, offered as an educational item for interested prospective users, can be requested by logging on to

For more information, write Yamaha Corporation of America, Pro Audio & Combo Division, Live Sound, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622; telephone (714) 522-9011; e-mail; or visit

For more information about Eminence Speaker LLC visit P.O. Box 360, 838 Mulberry Pk., Eminence, KY 40019, or e-mail

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