The IM8-32: So Simple to Operate, Even an 11 Year-Old Can Master It

8/2/2010 [Live Sound]

North Carolina Church Has Success With New IM8-32

Samuel Kicklighter on the IM8-32
Samuel Kicklighter, 11, working the new IM8-32 at First Baptist Church Brevard, NC.

The First Baptist Church in Brevard, North Carolina, has an active music program, including a children's choir, men's choir, a men's quartet, a woman's trio, a group of violinists, a 35-member church choir and a praise band, consisting of drums, congas, three vocalists and an acoustic-electric guitarist.

When worship leader Sammy Kicklighter decided to buy a mixing console with more outputs, he chose the Yamaha IM8-32. The IM8 is so easy to operate that Kicklighter's 11 year-old son, Samuel, is able to effortlessly create great mixes.

The four-person tech team is busy getting up to speed on the IM8. "Samuel probably knows more about it than anyone," said Kicklighter. "That's why I had him up there, to hang around and just watch. He was here when we installed the board so he really has a great working knowledge to build upon. He arrives each Sunday at 8:00 a.m. with me and has become a vital part of the music ministry."

Each week, around 300 people attend services and concerts held at the church, which records services on DVD. "I chose the IM8 for its quality, the ease of analog and it was perfect for our needs because it's consistent and easy to train on," said Kicklighter. "We don't use all the channels yet, but we will soon, I'm sure. Now, we have increased capacity for most visiting teams and choirs."

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