Art of Percussion: Yamaha Debuts the Berlin Symphonic Series Concert Snare Drums

10/31/2008 [Marching Instruments]

New Snares Designed in Conjunction with Franz Schindlbeck of the Berlin Philharmonic.

BUENA PARK, Calif. — The Yamaha Band & Orchestral Division is pleased to introduce the new Berlin Symphonic Series Maple Concert Snare Drums, which will make their debut at the 2008 Percussive Arts Society International Convention taking place November 5-8, in Austin, TX.

Berlin Symphonic Series Concert Snare Drums
Berlin Symphonic Series Concert Snare Drums
Designed in conjunction with Franz Schindlbeck of the Berlin Philharmonic and the Yamaha Frankfurt Percussion Atelier, the BSM-1450 is available in 14" x 5" and the BSM-1465 is available in the 14" x 6.5" configurations. Both snare drums have been designed and constructed to achieve a uniquely dark, yet versatile tone with exceptional response and projection featuring a dark, European-style sound.

"Percussionists who are serious about their own sound have come to Yamaha asking for new ideas that will fill a void they are missing in their sound library," said Troy Wollwage, Marketing Manager, Yamaha Percussion. "Our Yamaha product designers have the advantage of leaning on 40 plus years of experience in making percussive instruments of all shapes and sizes. The product of that knowledge, combined with assistance from professionals such as Mr. Schindlbeck have led to a number of advances towards the ultimate pursuit of a unique sound. The BSM models are the first of many new instruments to be born out of this artistic endeavor."

The new BSM snares feature the patented Berlin Combination Snare System, which provides response at all dynamic levels. The ten inner cables provide a full snare sound at all levels up to fortissimo while the three outer strands on each side provide precise snare response at all levels down to pianissimo. Other features include a shallow 1.8mm snare bed that provides even snare response at all dynamic levels, a silent K-type strainer producing zero noise with smooth action for silent, effortless snare engagement, honey-lug casings and six-ply maple shells.

For more information, write Yamaha Corporation of America, Band & Orchestral Division, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622; telephone (714) 522-9011; e-mail; or visit

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