Yamaha Donates Marching Drums to New PAS Museum

4/2/2010 [Marching Instruments]

New Rhythm! Discovery Center in Downtown Indianapolis Features Interactive Exhibits, Educational Opportunities

Yamaha Donates Drums to PAS Museum
Percussion Arts Society Executive Director Michael Kenyon (third from right) receives an MTS-9214 Snare Drum and 8200 Series Bass Drum from (left to right) Yamaha Percussion Product Manager Joel Tetzlaff, Yamaha Band and Orchestral Division Director of Marketing Roger Eaton, Yamaha Artist Relations Manager John Wittmann, Yamaha Percussion Marketing Manager Troy Wollwage, and Yamaha Band and Orchestral Division General Manager Jay Schreiber.
INDIANAPOLIS, IN—Yamaha celebrated the opening of Rhythm! Discovery Center, the Percussion Arts Society's new museum and education center, by donating storied drums used in championship routines by two legendary Drum & Bugle Corps, The Cavaliers and The Cadets, to be installed for exhibition. These two drums, an MTS-9214 Snare Drum used by the six time DCI World Champions Cavaliers in 2004, and an 8200 Series Marching Bass Drum used by The Cadets in 2003 and 2004, stand as a tribute to Yamaha's success in creating great instruments and supporting great music.

"Yamaha has been a sustaining member of PAS since 1981. Since that time both Yamaha and PAS have worked together to support music education activities on numerous levels," said Troy Wollwage, Marketing Manager, Yamaha Percussion. "The new PAS museum is not only a testament to the history of percussion education but also percussion performance. The products we are donating are part of the Drum & Bugle Corps legacy that is so important to marching enthusiasts. Now everyone can get a glimpse of them."

Opened in November 2009, Rhythm! Discovery Center interprets the role of rhythm and percussion in music and culture through dynamic educational experiences. Interactive exhibits and participatory opportunities illustrate rhythm, its role in society, and its connections to daily life. Rhythm! Discovery Center is an integral extension of the Percussive Arts Society whose mission is to advance the awareness of percussion education, research, performance and appreciation throughout the world.

"You get your history and education though part of the museum, but there's also a whole hands on area where you can bring the kids and have a family jam session," says Jon Feustel, spokesperson for the Rhythm Discovery Center.

The Rhythm! Discovery Center is located at 110 W. Washington Street, Suite A, Indianapolis, IN 46204. For more information please call (317) 275-9030 or email percarts@pas.org.

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