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1/23/2003 [Music Education]

Fastest Growing General Music Program in the U.S. Is Enhanced with XG Format Technology

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (January 23, 2003) — Continuing with their contribution to music education, Yamaha Corporation of America's Band & Orchestral Division has launched the new Music In Education (MIE) Technology Assisted Music Program-MIE II system. Available for Windows™ 98, the system integrates powerful equipment with an effective, proven curriculum. The highly successful MIE program was improved to incorporate Yamaha XG technology within the MIE-2XG keyboard. Using XG technology the new MIE keyboard contains more than 400 new internal voices, a wider variety of styles-representing different cultures-and an improved speaker system.

The XG Format is a tone generation format advocated by Yamaha for electronic instruments. XG is upward compatible with GM and provides more voices, editing capabilities, three effect processors and other functionality to enhance the musical expressiveness of MIDI data.

Music In Education-Teacher Training
Music Teachers receiving training on the MIE system
"The Yamaha MIE program strives for the success of every student regardless of their proficiency level-the XG technology will make that even easier for the students," says Tom Wheeler, product manager, Music In Education. "The program gives students the opportunity to work together as a group or independently with headphones – all under the instructor's supervision."

The system links 16 specially designed MIE II Educational Keyboards – which can serve two students each-to a mixer, speakers and headphones. The MIE II management software frees teachers physically, allowing them to move among the students while accessing accompaniments and music samples through the remote control system. The newest version of software is equipped with an all-new radio frequency remote control system. With the management software, a teacher has the ability to handle roll call, lesson planning and record keeping while maintaining complete focus on the classroom.

The system's benefits go far beyond technology, however. Music In Education includes a comprehensive curriculum designed by teachers to accommodate all learning styles. Students are guaranteed an engaging, hands-on experience that will make success possible no matter what their skill level.

Each of the program's 80 sequential, integrative modules is built around a specific musical concept utilizing a "Listen, Discuss, Make and Create" learning model. Charts, worksheets, warm-ups, quizzes and 174 specially arranged songs are all included, and integrated listening examples are provided on CD.

Introduced nationally in 1990, Music In Education has been linked to remarkable improvements not only in music achievement, but also in problem solving, self-esteem and grades in other classes.

When a school district purchases or leases the Music In Education system, it's like signing on a partner. Yamaha will be there not only for the initial instructor training, but also for lifelong tech support. Yamaha can also help districts design fundraising initiatives to make acquiring the system easier. The price of the system is $14,900 and is currently available.

Notice to Education Editors:

To learn more about Music in Education call Yamaha at (800) 253-8490, ext. 4977 or write Yamaha Corporation of America, Band & Orchestral Division, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90620; e-mail: infostation@yamaha.com.

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