Steinberg Ships Nuendo SyncStation Synchronizer Solution

2/19/2010 [Music Production Tools ]

Complete Synchronizer Solution with Full Nuendo Integration Engineered for Post Production, Music Mixing and Broadcast Dubbing Environments Designed by Industry Legend Colin Broad

BUENA PARK, Calif.—Steinberg is pleased to announce shipping of a benchmark-setting new hardware sync solution in almost any production situation: Nuendo SyncStation. A solidly-built 19" rack mount unit houses the latest sync technology designed by industry legend Colin Broad to offer sample-accurate sync with video tape recorders, analog tape machines, other DAWs, house sync generators to name but a few. Designed for but not restricted to operation with Steinberg's Nuendo Advanced Audio Production System, Nuendo SyncStation supports an exhaustive list of standards and protocols, including MTC, LTC, MMC, Sony 9-pin RS422, WordClock, VITC, Tri-level and Black Burst and Varispeed operation over a huge array of Pull-up/Pull-down settings as well as sample-accurate VST System Link over digital connections such as AES/EBU and S/PDIF. Uniquely, Nuendo SyncStation can offer extremely accurate sync using traditionally less accurate standards like MTC by referencing with sample-accuracy to each video frame.
Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation
Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation
"Technologically advanced and agile yet rugged and reliable, Nuendo SyncStation has been designed as the ideal sync solution for post houses and production suites," comments Tino Degen, Steinberg's Product Planning Coordinator Pro Audio. "Today's production environments are facing new challenges and diversifying standards in media delivery, and it's good to know that Nuendo SyncStation handles almost any conceivable demand for synchronization to a state-of-the-art production audio environment like Nuendo. The level of integration with Nuendo allows us to utilize the VST System Link technology to radically increase the accuracy of standards such as MTC. And with its unprecedented range of supported formats and astounding timing accuracy, Nuendo SyncStation customers will be using probably the best all-round sync solution available on the market today," Degen continues.

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