Yamaha Announces Its TENORI-ON "TNR-e", An Application for iPad / iPhone

11/6/2013 [Music Production Tools ]

Yamaha Announces Its TENORI-ON "TNR-e",
An Application for iPad / iPhone

Mobile Music Sequencer

Hamamatsu, Japan - Yamaha Corporation has launched TENORI-ON "TNR-e", which is an application running on the iPad / iPod touch / iPhone. The software can be purchased and downloaded from the App Store beginning today.


* This software is compatible with the iPhone 4/4S/5/5s/5c, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad (3rd and 4th generations), iPad2, iPad mini, for operating system iOS 7.0, and later versions.

Outline of the Application

"TNR-e" is a new revamped version of "TNR-e," the iPad / iPhone application of TENORI-ON which allows you to create music intuitively even if you do not know much about music using it’s 16 x 16 matrix button pad, TNR-e is geared towards electronic music like dub step, progressive house and electro dance music (EDM). On top of the six different performance modes distinctive to TENORI-ON, it includes 253 tones suitable for electronic music including drums and base, and a dual system of seven effects that you can operate using an XY pad interface, allowing you to give impromptu live performances. It is also compatible with the latest features such as Inter-App Audio newly supported after the appearance of iOS 7 and can be used together with other compatible applications.

Further details are as follows.

Major Features

1. A revamped tone and design with dance music in mind

"TNR-e" is a new application which packs the essence of dub step, progressive house/EDM, and electro music into TENORI-ON. It has tones you didn’t get up until now on TENORI-ON, including the drum part of DubstKit, the deep bass notes of BriteBas and Helium, the glaring tones of DubBAXX, Voxdance and VoodooWh, making it the suitable application for first steps into making dance music tracks. Even the color design was revamped to have dance music in mind.

2. Comes equipped with a dual system of master effects valuable for live performances

Using an XY pad interface, it is equipped with dual systems of seven master effects, enabling you to finish up your music with spiced-up instruments.
With breaks created using ISOLATOR or FILTER, and then long trigger effects produced by LOOPER connecting to the strong hook-line, you can make a music structure distinctive to EDM without difficulty, allowing you to give impromptu live performances in any way you want.

3. Intuitive music creation only possible by "TENORI-ON"

The 16 x 16 grid of buttons lined on the screen shows time horizontally and pitch vertically. You can create music by pressing these buttons to place sounds and putting together a rhythm and melody. The buttons also illuminate when sound is played, producing a visual performance with their movement.

Additionally, with the 16 layers of the 6 performance modes, it can play 16 tones at the same time. The song patterns created on each layer are put into 16 blocks of memory, and by switching between these blocks in realtime, versatile music expressions become possible.

4. Compatible with the latest features such as Inter-App Audio, you can enjoy it in various ways

Compatible with iOS 7-supported Inter-App Audio, you can play sounds from other compatible applications on "TNR-e". "TNR-e" users can use the multi-session function to enjoy a simultaneous performance via a network with others. Additionally, the application is equipped with audio recording function, so you can upload performances recorded using this function to SoundCloud and also forward them to applications compatible with AudioCopy.

As you can see, you can enjoy music in various ways on "TNR-e".

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