Detailed Mexican Banda Expansion Pack Spices Up The Yamaha PSR-S650 Keyboard

1/24/2013 [Pianos & Keyboards]

Free Downloads Available for a Limited Time

Yamaha Mexican Banda VSE Musico Pro

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Yamaha Keyboard Division introduces the brand new Mexican Banda Voice and Style Expansion Pack for the PSR-S650 at the 2013 NAMM Show. The expansion features brand new Voices, recorded by the best musicians that play the genre.

This package contains seven new authentic Banda Voices recorded in a professional studio with professional Banda musicians. Instruments include Trombon Banda, Trompeta Banda, Clarinete Banda, Charcheta Banda, Tuba Banda, Bateria-Tambora and a special Gritos Kit of vocal expressions. One of the main ingredients of Mexican music is Gritos, the fun, vocal exclamations that accompany the music. The Voice and Style Mexican Banda Pack Expansion features 60 unique gritos that inject flavor into any performance.

It additionally includes 20 popular Banda Styles covering Acoustic Banda, Electric Banda and Duranguense. Each Style comes complete with four One Touch Settings that match these excellent new instrument Voices to each of the four Style sections. Panel registrations, with special Banda and Duranguense keyboard splits and layers for playing with a band, are also included.

For a limited time, downloads of this pack will be available free of charge at

"This Voice and Style expansion offers the traditional mix of brass instruments that are unique to the polka inspired genre and features 60 powerful Mexican gritos," says Mark Anderson, Yamaha Keyboard Division Marketing Director. "These flavorful vocalizations bring energy into any performance and are among the most expressive interjections in music throughout the world."

For more information, visit Yamaha Corporation of America, Keyboard Division, at Winter NAMM 2013 in the Marquis Ballroom in the Anaheim Marriott Hotel; write Yamaha Corporation of America, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622-6600; call (714) 522-9011; or email; or visit

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