Pianist and Educator Lisa Yui Conducts Remote Lesson At Yamaha's Midtown Piano Salon

10/10/2008 [Pianos & Keyboards]

Noted Producer, Performer and Lecturer Relies on World's Most Advanced Music Technology

Lisa Yui
NEW YORK CITY — Yamaha artist Lisa Yui recently conducted a remote piano lesson from the piano salon at Yamaha Artist Services Inc. with a student at the Conservatoire de Musique de Québec. "Remote Lesson" is a pioneering Internet-based educational application for the Yamaha Disklavier Series of reproducing pianos that allows the virtual elimination of geographic barriers between pianist and educator. A pair of Disklavier M4PROs were used. Learn about other remote lessons between New York, Tokyo and Toronto. To learn more about Yamaha pianos, visit www.yamaha.com/piano.

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