Piano for Four Hands, With Two on Each Coast

4/9/2010 [Pianos & Keyboards]

First Concert Ever to Feature Remote Performance Capability of the Yamaha Disklavier Peformance Reproducing Piano

Frederic Chiu
Yamaha artist Frederic Chiu
On April 17, acclaimed classical pianist Frederic Chiu and rising young composer and pianist Jarrod Radnich performed a live concert together at Strathmore Hall.

But only one of the pianists was on the East Coast.

Patti Coheneur
Broadway star Patti Coheneur performs with the two pianists.
Showcasing the world's most innovative music technology, Radnich played live from Anaheim, California on an Internet Connected Disklavier performance reproducing piano. The piano was connected to a second Disklavier, which re-created his performance, note-for-note in real time, live onstage at Strathmore Hall. The instrument's pedals and keys moved up and down in sync with Jarrod's original performance, complete with all of the sophisticated nuances and phrasing of the original.

Frederick Chiu also performed live in the hall on the groundbreaking Yamaha www.avant-grand.com hybrid piano, as well as the Disklavier Mark IV CFIIIS concert grand piano.

Accomplished Broadway singer and former star of 'Phantom of the Opera' Patti Cohenour performed as well, including her signature song "Think of Me."

Presenting pieces by Chopin, Webber and selections from the Disney Classics songbook, this innovative and eclectic concert showcased how much impact technology is having on the future of the live concert.

The ability for a pianist to play the piano and have the keys move simultaneously in another time zone represents a world-changing advance in the history of classical music, promising to bring live music to a much broader audience in the future.

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