Yamaha Reintroduces Silent Pianos, Versatile Instruments for Performance and Practice

11/7/2008 [Pianos & Keyboards]

New 48-in. Upright Silent Piano™ Offers the Best of Both Worlds by Letting the User Choose Between Acoustic and Digital Performance

BUENA PARK, Calif. — Yamaha Corporation of America, Piano Division, has reintroduced its Silent Pianos with the launch of a new 48-in. upright model, a versatile instrument that enables users to choose between acoustic and digital performance modes. The new Silent Piano is highlighted by updates including an improved grand piano sample for powerful digital performances, and audio outputs that enable playing through a sound reinforcement system, as well as a host of additional features such as integrated recording and MIDI capabilities, an expanded selection of voices with new sound customization options, and 50 built-in songs.

Yamaha US1G Silent Series
The New Yamaha Upright Silent Piano™
"The reintroduction of Silent Pianos signifies our ongoing commitment to meeting a wide range of needs by offering the versatility and benefits of both acoustic and digital pianos in a single instrument," commented Bill Brandom, Disklavier Marketing Manager at Yamaha Corporation of America.

"With a powerful new 30 megabyte concert grand piano sound and 10 additional voices as well as top-notch acoustic tone and touch, the 48-inch Upright Silent Piano offers the best of both worlds," continues Brandom. "Whether playing digital instrument sounds through a PA system at a public performance, experiencing the beauty of an acoustic piano when playing for friends and family at home, or utilizing the instrument's 'silence on demand' feature while practicing through headphones, the new Upright Silent Piano provides renowned Yamaha quality."

The 48-in. Upright Silent Piano combines a hammer restraint mechanism with optical fiber sensors and digital tone generation. Shifting the center pedal will stop the hammers from striking the strings, silencing the piano's acoustic sound, while the sensors and tone generator digitally produce an instrument sound of the user's choice.

The 48-in. Upright Silent Piano's broad assortment of voices and sound adjustment features gives musicians endlessly entertaining opportunities to experiment with instrumentation and tonality. Along with its new, ultra-realistic 30 megabyte grand piano sound, the 48-in. Upright Silent Piano's voices include two electric pianos, vibraphone, pipe organ, jazz organ, strings and choir. Voices can be combined to create complex sonic canvases, and for especially dynamic performances, a number of modifications can be easily made while playing, simply by using the pedals. To enable dialing in the right sound in any type of space, the piano incorporates effects such as brilliance control and reverb. For added fun and entertainment, the instrument has 50 built-in songs, including masterpieces by legendary composers such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart.

The instrument has an audio output to enable playing through a PA system for a crowd at a sizable venue such as a house of worship. And of course, the 48-in. Upright Silent Piano is capable of delivering superb digital sound through its headphone output, making it the ideal instrument for practicing late at night or in households with sleeping children or spouses.

Owners of the 48-in. Upright Silent Piano experience all the benefits of advanced digital technology. The instrument can record performances totaling up to 25 minutes in length. The recording is stored as a MIDI file that can be transferred to a PC for editing, archiving and sharing with others around the world.

For more information on the new 48-in. Upright Silent Piano, write Yamaha Corporation of America, Piano Division, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622; telephone (714) 522-9011; or e-mail infostation@yamaha.com.

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