Yamaha Unveils New Tyros3 Premium Pan Flutes Voices

12/17/2009 [Pianos & Keyboards]

New Voices Give Tyros3 Users Even More Options for Expression and Performance

New Pan Flute Sounds
Continuing to expand on the Tyros3 with Premium Packs and Voices, Yamaha has released new Pan Flute Voices to give Tyros3 users even more options for expression and performance. The new Voices are available for download now at www.yamahamusicsoft.com.

The new Pan Flutes include two voices that bring together all of the details and nuances of the Pan Flute's sound and cover the full spectrum of the instrument's stylistic range.

The Romanian Pan Flute sound has been featured in countless romantic ballads and movie themes and, thanks to Super Articulation 2 technology, you can recreate its timeless beauty with the expressive Ballad Pan Flute voice.

The Super Articulation 2 Latin Pan Flute, on the other hand, perfectly recreates the harder attack and dramatic, overblown octave jumps synonymous with Latin American folk music.

New Pan Flute Sounds
As with all Premium Styles, Packs and Voices, the new Pan Flutes Voices were created by the same Yamaha research & development team responsible for the Tyros3's built-in sounds and styles. Since the new Voices were held to the same exact standards as those already on the instrument, they will live up to the same high sound quality that Tyros3 users are accustomed to from the built-in voices.

The new Pan Flutes expand on the current lineup of Yamaha Premium Packs and Voices for the Tyros3, which include the Choir and Vocals Pack, the Euro and US Organs Pack and the Super Articulation 2 Trombone Voice.

For more information and previews of the new Voices, visit Yamaha's Online Services website or the official Tyros website. Premium Packs & Voices are available for purchase at www.yamahamusicsoft.com.

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