Yamaha Bundles All Disklavier Models With Groundbreaking Zenph Software Products

1/19/2012 [Pianos & Keyboards]

Innovative Software Brings Intelligent Accompaniment, Advanced Editing and Groundbreaking Distance Learning Capabilities To The World’s Most Popular Reproducing Piano

ANAHEIM, Calif.—Showcasing the unlimited potential of the world’s most advanced performance reproducing piano, Yamaha has bundled its Disklavier and Disklavier PRO models with Mac and Windows versions of groundbreaking Zenph software products, including:

  • Home Concert Xtreme™: an award-winning, interactive learning and performing environment that provides intelligent accompaniment that actually follows the soloist—slowing down, speeding up and getting softer and louder in a musically-coordinated fashion.
  • RePerform: a piano-focused MIDI editor that works with files from all models of Yamaha Disklavier and Disklavier PRO pianos. Unlike typical MIDI editing software, RePerform enables high-resolution editing and is the first commercial product that understands the musical nuances of the highly complex and interwoven MIDI files produced by the Disklavier PRO.
  • Internet MIDI™: a software program that connects two Disklaviers or other MIDI instruments via the Internet for real-time teaching and performance.

The Zenph software integrates seamlessly with the core Disklavier technology, providing general consumers, as well as academic institutions, unprecedented interactive and distance-learning capabilities from the piano. A Zenph representative will be in the Yamaha Keyboard Division exhibit to demonstrate the software.

The inclusion of this software cements a recent alliance by the two companies, which look forward to strategic product development and marketing collaborations in the future.

"The Disklavier has earned a solid reputation as both a fine instrument and technological marvel over the years," said Jim Levesque, Disklavier Marketing Manager, Yamaha Corporation of America. "At the same time, Zenph is unparalleled when it comes to developing software that unleashes the power of our instrument's interactive and distance-learning capabilities."

"Zenph has been one of the most vocal industry advocates of the groundbreaking Disklavier PRO and Disklavier lines," added John Q. Walker, CEO and Founder, Zenph Sound Innovations. "Our commitment to these technologically-superior instruments is demonstrated by our use of them to create award-winning re-performances. Our RePerform software, for example, was developed to let users take advantage of the Disklavier PRO's nuanced capabilities as well as work with MIDI files from any Disklavier."

The Disklavier is a modern day computerized "reproducing" piano that was first introduced in the United States in 1987. The instrument incorporates a system of solenoids (powerful magnets) and optical sensors connected via LEDs that make the keys and pedals move up and down, recreating a performance.

According to Levesque, the Disklavier has come to represent the pinnacle of reproducing piano technology, and, for the past consecutive 10 years, has taken the top honor of "Product of the Year" in the Musical Merchandise Review (MMR) Magazine Dealer's Choice Awards. It was bestowed with the Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award in 2006, an award that was also presented to Zenph's Home Concert Xtreme software in 2010.

John Q. Walker and the Zenph team saw the potential of the instrument early on. For the past 8 years, he and his entrepreneurial company have pioneered a fundamentally new method of encoding music as performance data rather than audio, which the Yamaha Disklavier PRO can play back meticulously, enabling new "re-performances" of audio recordings.

Most recently, the company has accelerated development of its interactive and distance-learning software for consumers and institutions, made possible in large part through the company's acquisition of TimeWarp Technologies and the addition of that company's CEO, George Litterst to the Zenph team as Chief Creative Officer and CTO.

The Disklavier/Zenph bundle also includes three high-quality Zenph piano concerto files. These files contain orchestral accompaniments designed for Zenph's award-winning score-following program. Pianists at all levels of proficiency can 'play along' with Home Concert Xtreme as they learn, practice or perform music. In addition, the Disklavier/Zenph bundle includes 200 example MIDI files from Zenph's publishing partners, electronic user manuals, and support videos.

For more information on The Disklavier and Zenph software, visit Yamaha Corporation of America at Winter NAMM 2012, Marquis Ballroom at The Anaheim Marriott, write Yamaha Corporation of America, Keyboard Division, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622; telephone (714) 522-9011; e-mail infostation@yamaha.com; visit www.yamaha.com/keyboards.

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