High Performance DVD Audio/Video and Super Audio CD Player



If you're looking for a high quality DVD player that can also handle both DVD-Audio and SA-CD disc, the DVD-S2300MKII is an ideal choice. Designed first and foremost to deliver outstanding audio and video quality, this player will be the focal point of an impressive home theater system.

CD Digital Video DCDi TM (Directional Correlational Deinterlacing) Dolby® Digital DTS Digital Surround™ DVD-AUDIO Super Audio CD Video CD

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Plays DVD-Audio/DVD-Video/SA-CD/CD/VCD
DVD-Audio/SA-CD Circuit Completely Independent (Auto or Manual Selections)
MP3 Playback Compatibility
DCDi Faroudja Processing
Bass Management Processing
Video Off -SA-CD: Power Down All Video Operation, DVD-Au...

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