Colors / FinishesAbsolute Maple Lug:

  • Absolute Maple Lug:
  • Apple Sparkle Fade:
  • Black Sparkle:
  • Black Sparkle Sunburst:
  • Blue Ice Sparkle:
  • Blue Sparkle:
  • Burgundy Sparkle:
  • Carmel Sparkle:
  • Cherry Wood:
  • Deep Blue:
  • Embossed Silver:
  • Glowing Luminous White Sparkle:
  • Luminous White Sparkle:
  • Matte Natural:
  • Midnight Skyblue Sparkle:
  • Midnight Sparkle:
  • Red Pearl Natural:
  • Red Sparkle:
  • Silver Sparkle:
  • Solid Black:
  • Solid Silver:
  • Vintage Black:
  • Vintage Natural:
  • White Grape Sparkle:
  • White Marine Pearl:

Absolute Maple Lug

Absolute Maple Lug


Absolute Maple has been the industry standard since it was introduced. With a new mounting system and some hot new finishes, the bar has been raise once again.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.


Staggered Diagonal Seam/Air Seal System:

The heart of any drum is the shell, and Yamaha's method of hand-crafting shells produces the strongest, most consistent drums available. Yamaha drums feature a staggered diagonal seam to ensure a shell that starts round, and stays round and will not requ...

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