The DTX560SP is a five-piece electronic drum shell-pack featuring DTX-PADs for the snare and toms and is designed for use with traditional or alternative cymbals and hi-hat (not included).

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

This kit has all the benefits of the DTX500 module including Yamaha drum samples, play-along songs, and comprehensive groove tools. The DTX-PAD snare provides superior stick feel and allows head, rimshot, and cross-stick voices in each of the three zones for realistic expression. The DTX560SP includes a pad set (DTP700P), drum trigger module (DTX500) and rack system (RS500). Because this configuration does not include cymbals or hi-hat it is perfect when adding electronics to your acoustic kit or for use with the gen16 AE Cymbal box sets. Trigger and audio cables not included.

The module features a high-quality tone generator packed with 427 sounds. There is a variety of practice songs that allows you to mute the drums to play along or record, and the built-in training functions will help improve your drumming. An AUX IN jack lets you connect a music player to practice with your favorite tunes. The DTX500 Series brings Yamaha’s renown electronic drum technology within reach of the beginner, the hobbyist, and educator.


DTX-PADs - For Quiet Practice that Improves Technique!

After years of designing and manufacturing some of the world’s finest drums, Yamaha knows what it means for drums to feel good and play naturally. We designed the DTX-PAD to be the new standard in electronic drum pads, providing drummers with a pad that ...

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