Electronic Drum Kit



With the introduction of the DTXTREME III Special, we have raised the bar for electronic drum sets higher than ever. We combined our experience manufacturing some of the world’s finest acoustic drums and industry-standard keyboards to create the ultimate electronic instrument designed for drummers.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

For many years, Yamaha drums have been the first choice of the World's most respected drummers. Now, we have combined the legendary sound of Yamaha acoustic drums with our innovative technology to create the most powerful electronic percussion system ever. Ever nuance of your playing comes across, allowing you to express your creativity as never before.



We enlisted the help of several of our drum artists, and looked at the requests from consumers to make sure that our new module meets the needs of e-drummers at all levels. The most important feature in an electronic drum set is the sound. We began
by s...

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