Handcrafted Acoustic Electric Guitar



A.R.E. & A.R.T. 3way

The LLX36C offers the you all the premium Tone, Feel, and Appearance you can experience. Handcrafted in Japan with all Solid Woods, the LLX36C is truly the best balanced instrument you can purchase. Equipped with the new 3 Way A.R.T pickup system, the LJ26 is the ultimate experience.

Acoustic Guitars Catalog [English] Acoustic Guitars CatalogPDF [9.4MB]

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.


A.R.E. & A.R.T. 3way

A combination of the finest materials, incredible craftsmanship and exclusive L-Series features makes the L-36 models deserving of their place at the top of Yamaha's acoustic guitar range. The perfect match of the LL traditional dreadnought style body an...

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