Colors / FinishesSG2000 RS:Red Sunburst

  • SG2000 RS:Red Sunburst
  • SG2000 BL:Black
  • SG2000 BS:Brown Sunburst



Guitarists the world over have held the SG2000 in high regard for over 30 years. Continuous evolution has kept this legend at the pinnicale of performance. Improvements to this, the latest version, include the use of advanced technologies like "Initial Response Acceleration" and the highly refined skills of our craftmen. The resulting instrument delivers a fascinatingly mild, deep, and rich tone with full, long sustain.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.


T Cross Maple (Neck Through) Design

Body and neck are integrated into a single structure that lets string vibration loop through the string, neck, and body, reducing energy loss and delivering long sustain. The cross maple design creates a T shape that blends the tonal qualities of maple; ...

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