Celesta Grand Series


Specially designed steel plates and resonators produce a pure, liquid tonality

Grand Concert Series

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

Yamaha's Grand Series Celesta reflects over a century of Yamaha keyboard experience perfected into the distinctive celesta. The Grand Series Celesta is an ideal choice for collegiate and professional musicians. The pianist who sits at its keyboard will immediately feel at home. The key size, touch, action, and height, as well as the pedal's position, all match a Yamaha concert grand piano, making the transition to this specialized instrument virtually effortless. The Grand Series Celesta features full-length piano keys of Ivorite and unstained ebony to provide the keyboardist with a familiar, natural feel. In addition, the damper pedal is situated slightly right of center- exactly where the piano player would expect. The Grand Series Celesta delivers pure, "heavenly" tones as it was originally intended. Special high-carbon tempered steel plates deliver vibrant tones throughout the entire range. The unique resonator configuration allows each key to have its own resonator, maximizing resonance and tone projection throughout the ensemble. The Grand Series Celesta offers a practical and convenient design. The keyboard height, equal to that of a piano, has a narrow keyslip leading to a more comfortable posture and hand positioning. The music rest is ideally positioned to permit clear visibility of the score and the conductor simultaneously. Rugged handles and double-wheel locking casters ensure both easy mobility and stability during performance. A folding cover protects and preserves the keys. In addition, the cabinet featuring an oak veneer, has a mahogany finish and metal grills display a fashionable blend of classic and modern styling. Whether it is an excellent tone, piano-like feel or practical design, the Yamaha Grand Series Celestas are a great choice for collegiate and professional musicians seeking a celesta that stands above the rest.

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