Rich piano sound - plus realistic instrument voices

76 piano-style touch sensitive keyboard with SmartMedia™, notation/lyric display, USB for plug & play compatibility

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The DGX-305 is the first model in the Portable Grand series to offer high-capacity SmartMedia storage, opening the door to instant access to hundreds of songs that you record or download and the ability to add new Style content, keeping you happy with your purchase for years to come and striking a nice balance between cost and features. It has 76 piano-style keys, high resolution stereo piano sample, USB computer connectivity, a large bitmapped LCD screen capable of displaying notation and lyrics for songs, pitch bend wheel for more expressive playing of brass and string instruments and a six-track sequencer that is designed for the utmost in simplicity; two button pushes and you're recording. For those interested in learning to play, we've beefed up the "Yamaha Education Suite" (Y.E.S.) found on previous models with a new interactive version, Version IV, which includes "Your Tempo" and "Repeat & Learn" modes. Finally, the new performance assistant technology allows you to play along with songs and not make a mistake – guaranteeing even a complete beginner a rewarding musical experience!


SmartMedia storage offers high-capacity storage

For the utmost in simplicity, compatibility and portability, the DGX-305 features SmartMedia storage (card optional), offering up to 128MB of high-speed access to songs and styles. Unlike audio files, MIDI songs and styles are small files, allowing you t...

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