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Release Date : 8/2003

Unlimited Performance Potential Plus Total Music Production

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- Extended Synthesis engine including AWM, VL (EX5 & EX5R), AN, and newly developed FDSP tone generator systems. - 128-note polyphony on the EX5 and EX5R; 64-note polyphony on the EX7. - 512 voices and 128 performance setups. - Sophisticated sampling feature with multi-format compatibility and resampling capability. - 6 Controller Knobs provide unprecedented real-time control capability as well as precise, efficient data entry for editing. - Pitch Bend wheel, two Modulation wheels, 6 Controller Knobs, Ribbon Controller, Scene keys, and Breath Control jack for unlimited real-time expressive control. - 16-track song sequencer, 8-track pattern sequencer, and a versatile 4-track arpeggiator. - Key Map function allows keyboard triggering of sampled phrases and patterns. - Versatile master keyboard control capability. - Professional expandability with a comprehensive range of options.


Unlimited Performance Potential Plus Total Music Production

The Yamaha EX5 and EX7 Music Synthesizers, and the EX5R Tone Generator, offer more music performance and production power than ever before available in a single keyboard or tone generator unit. All three models feature a unique Extended Synthesis system ...

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