61 Piano-size Touch-sensitive Key GM Portable Keyboard with YES II



Release Date : 1/2002

An affordable keyboard with recording capability

The first in the line with a backlit LCD and Flash ROM that lets you download songs from the Internet and use the Yamaha Education Suite™ to learn to play them. And for ultra quick setups, simply dial up a song in the Music Database & start playing.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

The PSR-292 is an affordable 61-key Touch Response keyboard with over 600 voices, including the industry's best Portable Grand™ Piano voice. Flash ROM makes it possible to download songs from the Internet and store them. A large backlit LCD display makes better information exchange possible. Learn to play with the built-in Yamaha Education Suite. Play along with any one of 100 built-in songs. A six-track sequencer makes it possible to create multi-tracked compositions. Built-in speakers make it truly portable. The PSR-292 is designed for anyone looking for a keyboard with an amazing piano sound, along with hundreds of other great sounds.


Value and Performance combine to bring home the Magic of Music

Yamaha Corporation of America continues its leadership position in the portable keyboard market with the introduction of the new Yamaha PSR292 - the affordable choice for song learning, recording and playback. The PSR292 has a built-in 6-track sequencer ...

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