61 Piano-size Touch-sensitive Key GM Portable Keyboard with Disk Drive



Release Date : 1/2001

You could be a power user if you know the song name you want to play.

If you know the name of the song you want to play, you're a power user.

PSR350/550 Catalogue [English] PSR350/550 CataloguePDF [318KB]

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The PSR-350 comes complete with a remarkable new Music Database. Simply choose from over 200 song titles and the entire keyboard prepares itself for that song; it couldn't be easier. It also helps that the PSR-350 includes a beefed up version of the popular Yamaha Education Suite2™.

The sonic quality has also been ramped up with an incredible selection of 128 General MIDI voices, 480 Extended voices and significant increases in voice memory and new bass ports. Plus, the PSR-350 gives you the ability to write Standard MIDI files to disk so you can send music over the Internet for others to enjoy.


Music Database

Set up the entire keyboard by selecting a song title. Learning the many sounds and features of a Portable Keyboard has never been easier. Press the Music Database button, select a song and start playing. Each database title configures the PSR-350 with th...

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